Homeopathy in Menopause

The period of hormonal changes around the absence of menstrual bleeding (menopause) is known as menopause. Homeopathy can help relieve symptoms. Hot flashes, depressive states and insomnia are just some of the symptoms. Read here everything you need to know if you want to take globules during menopause.

When is homeopathy suitable during menopause?

The permanent cessation of menstrual bleeding is called menopause. This date can usually not be named specifically, since the bleeding has become irregular for months or years before it stops forever. The time before and after this menopause is called menopause . Many women struggle with physical and psychological problems. The reason: the hormonal balance changes. Short-term problems associated with menopause are particularly suitable for alternative therapy . Homeopathy is supposed to do a good job here. Menopausal symptoms that may be alleviated with homeopathy :

  • hot flashes
  • depressive states
  • Heavy sweats
  • insomnia
  • dryness of the vagiena
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • Change in hair and skin texture
  • weight changes
  • changes in the breast
  • Disturbances in urination
  • mood swings
  • concentration problems
  • forgetfulness
  • muscle cramps
  • disorders of the libido

In the case of long-term changes that begin during menopause, homeopathy can primarily complement conventional medicine. Due to aging in general and the lack of hormones, serious health problems can arise during this time. This includes, for example, an increased risk of developing osteoporosis, as well as suffering a heart attack or thrombosis.

Important resources at a glance

You can treat many menopausal problems homeopathically. There are also globules for the menopause, which are intended to cushion the consequences of the hormonal change. You can try homeopathy for hot flashes as well as for other short-term disorders. In the case of long-term changes, homeopathic treatment can be carried out in addition to conventional medical therapy.

Here, the characteristic symptoms of the remedy should fit the woman well, as well as the peculiarities of menopause. However, homeopathy should not be the sole therapy in these cases. It is mostly combinations of different menopausal symptoms that torment women. In the following list, the most important remedies are assigned to the complaints with which they are supposed to help most often.


  • during hot flashes
  • for mood swings and depressive mood in the evening
  • with a throbbing headache
  • with high blood pressure
  • with sleep disorders


  • if you have hot flashes, especially if they radiate from your stomach towards your head
  • with indifference to everything and everyone
  • with loss of libido
  • if brown spots appear on the face, especially around the mouth
  • with vagienal dryness
  • with sleep disorders


  • if hot flashes are made worse by the warmth of the bed, especially at night
  • in osteoporosis
  • with high blood pressure
  • with elevated cholesterol levels
  • in case of overweight


  • with hot flashes that burn in the back
  • in osteoporosis
  • with high blood pressure
  • with vagienal dryness

Calcium carbonicum

  • when you sweat, especially on your head
  • with weight gain
  • in osteoporosis
  • with high blood pressure


  • with weight gain
  • during hot flashes
  • for unhealthy, dry skin


  • for varicose veins
  • with weight gain
  • for varicose veins
  • with overstretching of the ligaments with constant twisting
  • in osteoporosis


  • when urine passes involuntarily when laughing, sneezing, coughing
  • in osteoporosis


  • in osteoporosis

Nux vomica

  • with high blood pressure

Correct dosage

First you have to decide whether you want to use single remedies or complex remedies to treat your menopausal symptoms with homeopathy. Complex remedies contain a mixture of different globules. Individual remedies are particularly suitable for short-term menopausal symptoms. It is best to use globules in the potencies C6, D6 or D12.

You can take the C6 and D6 potencies several times a day: three globules of the selected remedy each, a maximum of six times a day. The potency D12 should not be taken more than three globules twice a day.

In the case of long-lasting, very strong or chronic side effects, you can also try C30 potencies. However, these may only be taken daily for a maximum of one week. Here two globules per day are enough.

When to the doctor?

You should seek medical advice for all long-term side effects of menopause. Both osteoporosis and the changes in the cardiovascular system can be serious and must be monitored regularly. Short-term symptoms usually disappear with the completion of the menopause. In these cases, homeopathy can help to alleviate the symptoms.


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