Homeopathy to Stimulate metabolism and lose weight

A healthy, calorie-reduced diet and plenty of exercise are the basic requirements for successfully losing weight. Excess pounds cannot be shed with homeopathy alone – but the active ingredients can help to stimulate the metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

A piece of chocolate after dinner or a small ice cream in the afternoon, maybe a bag of chips in the evening while watching a movie? The culinary temptations are diverse and, above all, omnipresent. In combination with a sedentary job and little exercise in your free time, you gradually gain extra pounds that many people want to get rid of quickly.

Losing weight: first steps and obstacles

Most of those affected want to get rid of excess weight primarily for aesthetic reasons. However, one should not forget the health aspect, because the additional weight strains the joints, puts a strain on the cardiovascular system and can promote lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels or fatty liver.

The first step to weight loss happens in your head: I want to lose weight! The idea is the same for many – but there are different approaches to implementation. Change your diet, go on a crash diet, exercise, no more snacking, no alcohol, no carbohydrates – there are many ways to lose pounds. But so are the obstacles that lie between motivation and the ideal weight. A sluggish metabolism, hormonal changes, cravings, water retention and a lack of stamina can destroy the bravely fought successes within a very short time.

Stimulate metabolism with homeopathy

This is exactly where homeopathy comes into play: It tackles the many hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your desired weight, such as sluggish fat metabolism, cravings for sweets or stress-related eating. There are also active ingredients that are used against constant and excessive appetite or water retention.

If you are looking for self-therapy, you have various active ingredients to choose from. In principle, it is advisable to have a medical health check carried out beforehand in order to be able to rule out weight gain due to illness or diseases caused by obesity. In addition, homeopathy experts can adjust the dosage and potentization individually – because when prescribing homeopathic medicines, not only external factors play a role, but also psychological ones. In this way, a different active substance can be used in two people who appear to have the same symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies for weight loss problems

The hurdles and problems that can arise during a diet or when losing weight and for which there is a homeopathic remedy are listed below – so that losing weight with globules works.

  • Sluggish Metabolism: When the scales aren’t showing the desired goal, a sluggish metabolism may be to blame. Fucus vesiculosus boosts the metabolism and gives a diet new impetus. Five globules three times a day (potency D6) not only increase the metabolism but also reduce the feeling of hunger. This appetite-suppressing effect is particularly popular, but Fucus globules are not suitable for everyone: people with a thyroid problem should never take the active ingredient.
  • Stagnation: The kilos have decreased for a long time and the diet has been satisfactory, but suddenly the display on the scales no longer changes – although the way of life has not changed. With such a weight standstill, Capsicum (potency D4 to D12) provides the impetus: five globules three times a day promote fat burning and ensure that even stubborn fat reserves can be used to provide energy.
  • Frustration eating: Whether it’s private and professional problems or the anger about an unsuccessful diet – frustration eating can happen, especially when body and mind are out of balance. Emotional eating habits, however, lead to snacking at the slightest problem situation. Dietary changes are discarded and self-imposed bans are broken. If you want to protect yourself from binge eating that occurs as a result of emotional events, you should take Calcium carbonicum D12 (five globules or drops three times a day). The negative feelings are reduced by the active ingredient and the reason for eating is eliminated.
  • Cravings and stress eating: You exercise, avoid sweets and fats, cut out carbohydrates and lose weight seems to be working. But then comes a stressful time, everything becomes too much, you can’t make it anymore. The body is now screaming for happiness hormones that are so quickly and easily available through food. Equally feared are food cravings, which can occur again and again and are difficult to control. These are influences that can throw you back or even off track when you lose weight, so they should be avoided. The best remedy here is Argentum nitricum D12 with the intake of five globules or drops three times a day.
  • Too much hunger: If you just can’t get enough to eat and can’t stop scooping up more, you should take five globules or drops or one Madar D4 or D6 tablet 30 minutes before meals. Madar is considered an appetite suppressant, so those affected eat less.
  • Water retention: Many people who stick to a strict diet and still hardly lose weight suffer from stubborn water retention in the abdomen and thighs. Potassium carbonicum D6 (five globules or drops or one tablet three times a day) supports the body in binding and breaking down the accumulated water.
  • Weight gain during menopause: You are one of those women who have been slim all their lives – but as soon as the menopause and the associated hormonal changes start, does the weight increase? Then Sepia D12 – five globules or drops three times a day – could be the right remedy for this hormonally induced weight gain.
  • Bloated stomach: Lycopodium D12, five globules or drops twice a day, regulates intestinal activity and stimulates fat metabolism. This reduces the development of a bloated stomach and at the same time stimulates fat digestion.
  • “Inner bastard”: At some point he has come, the point at which you want to throw everything away and would rather be satisfied with a few rolls of fat than keep fighting. The fight against the so-called “inner bastard” is probably the most difficult part of weight loss. Ignatia D12, five globules or drops three times a day, strengthens the nerves and builds them up again when stamina decreases.


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