Homeopathy to treat headaches and migraines

Many people regularly suffer from headaches or are plagued by migraines. Homeopathic preparations are suitable for those who do not want to take painkillers immediately. Here the cause and the exact symptoms decide which remedy should be chosen.

A stabbing pain, a monotonous humming, an intense throbbing – almost every headache patient feels and describes their suffering differently. And just as there are different types of headaches, there are also different medicines on the market to combat them.

No matter what kind of headache torments you: In homeopathy, every disease is treated individually. Above all, natural medicine is used to combat the very different symptoms that accompany headaches. These include:

  • neck pain
  • eye flicker
  • circulatory weakness
  • nausea
  • emotional tension
  • stomach cramps
  • overload
  • stress

Treat headaches with homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic preparations are suitable both for the prevention of worse headaches and for the treatment of acute symptoms. All specified dosages and potencies are guide values ​​that should be adjusted by homeopathic experts if necessary.

Belladonna for colds and sunstroke

In summer it can easily overheat or the body is not used to the intense sun exposure and a sudden, pounding headache occurs.

This spontaneous onset of a strong, throbbing headache is also a sign of the onset of a cold – this can possibly be stopped with homeopathy. Severe, pounding headaches can also occur as part of the flu or a flu-like infection.

In all of these cases, Belladonna D6 is used: five globules every hour as an acute dose, three times a day when the condition improves.

Gelsemium for stress and overwhelm

If the body is overwhelmed due to stress, headaches occur, which can start in the neck and cause visual disturbances. In this case, five globules of Gelsemium D6 should be taken every hour until there is an improvement. Three times a day in a row.

Nux vomica for tension headaches

Tension headaches are likely caused by several factors. Tension in the head, neck and neck muscles in connection with stress, imbalance and emotional strain are considered to be the main triggers. Tension headaches are often chronic or recurring.

Five globules of Nux vomica D6 every hour can alleviate symptoms such as tension headaches, a sore neck and nausea. After improvement, continue to take five globules three times a day as a preventive measure.

Potassium phosphoricum for school headaches and exhaustion

Five globules of potassium phosphoricum D12 twice a day

  • Headache from exhaustion or excitement
  • blow-dry headache
  • Headache after mental work
  • school headache

Haplopappus in poor circulation

If headaches and blackening of the eyes occur due to poor circulation, it is advisable to take Haplopappus D3 (five globules three times a day).

Homesickness, grief, relationship problems: Ignatia

Acute emotional events often trigger headaches, which are sometimes accompanied by stomach cramps. Five globules of Ignatia D12 twice a day provide relief – both for headaches and for emotional conflicts.

Headaches due to weather changes, restlessness and infections: Spigelia

These headaches are predominantly on the left side and are associated with facial and eye pain. Spigelia D6 helps here, five globules three times a day. As an acute dose, take four to five times on the first day.

Migraines: sanguinaria, cyclamen or iris versicolor

Migraines often occur as part of a hormonal change, such as during menopause, menstruation or pregnancy. Other causes can also be stress and excessive demands.

If a migraine attack occurs, the severe (often one-sided) headache is accompanied by nausea and even vomiting. Increased sensitivity to light and noise make it difficult for patients to continue living normally. Most sufferers retreat to a darkened, cool room for the duration of the attack.

The appropriate homeopathic remedy is chosen based on the symptoms:

  • Sanguinaria: If the migraine pain goes from the back of the head to the right side of the face, if there is vomiting and facial redness, Sanguinaria D6, five globules three times a day, is the best choice.
  • Cyclamen: If the migraine starts with flickering and double vision, the mood is melancholic and the symptoms improve with exercise, Cyclamen D6, five globules three times a day, should be used.
  • Iris versicolor: If there is increased flickering and visual disturbances during a rest phase: Iris versicolor 6X, five globules three times a day. As an acute dosage, take four to five times a day.


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