Homeopathy Treatment for back pain

Back pain usually refers to pain in the area of ​​the back, i.e. the lower back. The pain can occur in the entire width, in the middle of the back or more laterally. Sometimes, especially when the sciatic nerve is affected, the pain radiates from the lower back to the hips or legs. There are many causes of back pain: tense and overstrained muscles, signs of wear and tear on the intervertebral discs and spine, injuries or inflammation. Back pain is usually treated with painkillers. Homeopathic remedies to relieve pain can be an alternative as they do not cause side effects like medicinal painkillers.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for back pain that best suits your situation.


The back feels sore and bruised. The bed feels too hard. Back pain is often triggered by physical exertion or injuries. Those affected want to be alone and are afraid of being touched. Aggravated by shock, touch, movement and cold. improvement lying down.


Shooting back pain and stiff back. Triggers are often weather changes, uplift, overexertion or anger. The slightest movement or touch makes the pain worse. Affected people prefer to lie still without moving. Firm pressure relieves pain.


Drawing pain along the sciatic nerve combined with numbness and tingling sensations. Back pain is often caused by an injury. Pains aggravated by cold, foggy weather and touch. The pain decreases when the spine is bent backwards.

Kalium carbonicum

lower back pain and sciatica. The right side is particularly often affected. The back pain is particularly bad at night and makes it difficult to turn over in bed. Aggravation when walking and sitting. Ameliorated by firm pressure.

Dog milk

Back pain that moves from side to side or changes sides repeatedly. Aggravation in morning and from touch. Improvement from cold applications and backward bending.

Nux vomica

Nocturnal back pain. Turning over in bed is impossible because of the pain. Those affected must first sit up and can then switch sides. It is accompanied by weakness and numbness. Aggravation in morning on waking, at night and from touch. Better from warmth and after a short sleep.

Rhus toxicodendron

Back pain from physical exertion, lifting or soaking. The back feels stiff and bruised. The pain is tearing and is accompanied by numbness or tingling. Those affected cannot sit or lie still despite the pain. They are very restless and have a great urge to move. The back pain is worst at the beginning of the movement and then decreases somewhat with continued movement. Rest and cold make back pain worse. Ameliorated by heat, massage, lying on a hard surface, and continued exercise.

Radiating pain


Sudden back pain. Triggers are often cold wind, draft, cold or shock. Pain is tearing and radiates to other areas. Accompanying numbness or tingling in the back. Aggravation at night in warm room. Improvement in the fresh air.


Strongest pulling back pain from the lower back to the heel. Sometimes this is accompanied by feelings of paralysis and numbness. Those affected are generally very sensitive to pain and find the pain unbearable. Great irritability during the pains. Worse at night, from coffee and anger. Ameliorated by local application of heat.


this Spasmodic back pain that radiates to the hips, the back of the knees or the feet. Numbness often accompanies this. Back pain is often triggered by cold and anger. Aggravated by cold, stretching and touch. Ameliorated by heat and firm pressure.


Pain radiates from the back to the hips and thighs. Legs feel weak when standing up. Back pain is often triggered by bruises, dislocations or physical exertion. Aggravation in damp, cold weather and during the night. Relief from exercise, pressure on the painful area, and lying on your back.


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