Homeopathy Treatment for earache

A soft tingling in the ear or a feeling of pressure combined with initially slight pain can be an alarm signal that should not be taken lightly. Here it is advisable to see a doctor immediately because only he can make the right diagnosis and treat an incipient middle ear infection properly. The ear is a very complicated structure. The middle ear, and this is where most pain occurs, begins just behind the eardrum and has a direct connection to the pharynx with the Eustachian tube.

In the case of a purulent inflammation of the middle ear, pus can get into the pharynx through this connection and thus infect the whole body up to the stomach. Conversely, viruses and bacteria can penetrate through this tube from the pharynx into the middle ear and cause inflammation there. The main problem during treatment is the position of the middle ear. It is inaccessible from the outside because the eardrum forms a natural barrier. The disease cannot be treated with ear drops, which is why antibiotics or other medications that are taken orally are often administered.

Homeopathic remedies are used to relieve pain and fight infection.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for earache that best suits your situation.


extremely lancinating pain, often unilateral. One cheek is red, the other pale. Particularly suitable for children who are often short-tempered.

Magnesium phosphoricum

lightning shooting or cramping pain that occurs mainly on the right side. The trigger is often the cold.


the ear is visibly swollen and red. Patient feels the ear is blocked and is hard of hearing. Well suited for children who are tearful.

Plantago major

Severe pain, also in connection with facial neuralgia and otitis media.


Tearing pains, chiefly when chewing. The ear canals feel stuffed.


Clogged ears due to air accumulation and unusual ringing in the ears.

Potassium jodatum

In children with poor bone development. It pierces my ears. Children often have middle ear infections.

Manganum sulfuricum

Acute earache in damp and cold weather, which is aggravated by talking, facial expressions and walking. A basic diseases of the hearing organs should be excluded.

With discharge

Sulfuric liver

severe, stabbing pains with purulent or bloody discharge from the ear. Sensation of deafness and/or ringing in the ears. It is triggered by the cold, and the symptoms are improved by heat.


dull pain rather in the external auditory canal with discharge from the ear.

Barium chloratum

Ear pain is relieved by drinking water in small sips. The parotid glands are swollen and a bad-smelling secretion runs out of the ears.

Metallic Tungsten

Inflammation of the outer ear canal or middle ear. The ear secretes a fishy-smelling secretion. Ears burn and itch. Throbbing or pounding in the ear canal.

With fever


sudden, severe pain, often associated with a high fever. The cause is often cold and dry, cold wind.


sudden, violent throbbing earache with fever and red head. Patient is very sensitive to noise. Belladonna is the main remedy for otitis media.

Phosphoric acid

slowly developing otitis media that develops from a feverish cold.

Causes of earache

  • otitis media
  • a cold
  • Inflammation of the external auditory canal
  • diseases of the teeth
  • Mumps
  • Injuries to the eardrum
  • slap on the ear

Earache Symptoms

  • pain from the ear
  • Pain radiating into the ear

Further tips and information on treatment

Medical treatment for ear pain depends on the underlying cause. Heat (red light) and heat applications (warm onion wrap) are usually perceived by patients as soothing and pain-relieving. 


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