Homeopathy Treatment for Eczema

Eczema is a generic term for various skin diseases that are caused by inflammation. The symptoms of the various inflammatory skin diseases are similar. Eczema is not contagious, but it can severely affect those affected and limit their quality of life. The rashes can appear anywhere on the body.

Proven homeopathic medicines can relieve itching and reduce the inflammatory response. The inflamed skin areas must be treated professionally to avoid serious wound infections.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for eczema that best suits your situation.

Calcium sulfuricum

Purulent pustules, also in the case of hair follicle inflammation with pus blisters, very suitable for pustules that appear after shaving. Supports the healing of abscesses that have been cut open or broken open.


The skin is very sensitive and tends to scale, crack and crack. Painful skin tears (rhagades) form at the corners of the mouth, the bases of the ears, the edges of the nostrils and the anus. The edges of the lids are often inflamed. Increased occurrence of herpes simplex.

With itching


Red, sagging skin blisters that itch unbearably, burst open quickly and weep. The skin is extensively affected.

Juglans regia

Severe itching in the eyes, ears, armpits and anal region, followed by a purulent rash, pustules and/or abscesses. Weeping rash on lower extremities, appearing at night.

Arsenicum album

for dry eczema and herpes. Rashes with dry skin and profuse flaking that burn and itch. Especially for patients who are restless, exhausted and at the same time restless and anxious about their health.

Capsella bursa pastoris

Scaly eczema behind the ears. Every orifice in my body itches. Internally and externally even with smaller abscesses.


Weeping, itchy and bleeding skin rashes. The patients have very sensitive skin. Even a little friction causes sores and scabs.

Acidum hydrofluoricum

In the summer, allergic skin reactions occur. Mallorca acne, and athlete’s foot with blistering. For stinging itching on the genitals and on scarred tissue with a pustular rash. The remedy eliminates warts and hemangiomas or prevents their formation.

Viola tricolor

The whole body can be covered with small red pimples or pustules. The rash is very itchy and forms crusts. The crusts are thick and exude a thick, yellow liquid when broken open. The rash often affects the head, face and the region around the ears. Accompanying rheumatic pain can occur all over the body. Symptoms worsen at night.


For skin rash with itching that burns and moves from scratching; with a lot of dandruff.

Croton tiglium

The skin is red, burns and itches. Scratching causes burning pain. Rubbing relieves the itching.


Red pustules with persistent itching on the face and body, but especially on all hairy areas. Better from cold baths and exercise in the open air. Aggravation from sun and scratching.

Dosing recommendation

The selected remedy is taken as required in potency D6 up to three times a day and in potency D12 up to twice a day.

Where does eczema come from?

Inflammation always occurs when the body defends itself against a harmful substance or pathogen. Possible triggers are:

  • viruses
  • Mushrooms
  • bacteria
  • pollutants
  • drug
  • stress
  • allergens

Eczema develops particularly frequently in people whose immune system has been weakened by a previous illness.

Symptoms of eczema

  • itching
  • Red, weeping or scaly skin
  • vesicles or nodules

Different forms of eczema

There are different forms of eczema:

  • atopic eczema (neurodermatitis)
  • seborrheic eczema (cranial gneiss)
  • Contact dermatitis (contact allergy)


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