Homeopathy Treatment for exhaustion or weakness

Fatigue or weakness can be an acute condition caused by too little sleep or too much mental or physical exertion. Affected feel tired, listless and listless. If the stress situation lasts for a longer period of time, a chronic state of exhaustion (burn-out) can set in. But exhaustion can also hide a physical illness that needs to be treated.

Homeopathic remedies can help those affected regain more energy and strength. Homeopathy can be used concomitantly with burn-out.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for fatigue/weakness that best suits your situation.

Conium maculatum

Old age – vascular calcification and age-related physical wasting, coupled with frustration, lack of drive and hypochondria. The gait is shaky, there may be signs of flaccid paralysis of the limbs. Yellowish discolored skin without elasticity. In men it comes to prostate enlargement, hardening of the testicles, impotence, premature ejacu|ation.


The patient shows marked indolence, he does not like physical exercise or mental exertion. He is often startled and is very sensitive to external stimuli.

Zincum metallicum

Tiredness during the day and increased need for sleep. You feel exhausted and dull, you can’t concentrate on anything.

Mental exhaustion

Potassium phosphoricum

when tired, especially after mental overwork with a tendency to burnout. Often associated with headaches. A general feeling of weakness and a nervous stomach are typical. Improvement with slight movement.

Argentum nitricum

mental exhaustion caused by exam anxiety, deadline pressure or fear of failure. At night you are plagued by nightmares, in the morning you wake up shaking.


Feeling of exhaustion after stress, before appointments or in unfamiliar situations. Flabby, lacking energy in the body with drowsiness and possibly dizziness. Often in connection with nervous diarrhea.


Exhaustion from overwork, often associated with headaches, absent-mindedness, and forgetfulness. Fear of failure and lack of self-confidence can lead to a blackout/collapse.


Symptoms of vegetative dystonia and “burn-out syndrome”. Deep states of mental exhaustion, the head feels heavy and overloaded. One is restless, forgetful, irritable and reacts hysterically to trifles. Amber people feel chronically overwhelmed. They withdraw from their social environment and develop depressive moods.


Memory loss, mostly names can be forgotten quickly. Severely reduced memory and word-finding disorders as well as great lack of concentration or pronounced deficits in reading and writing. The patient has a distorted sense of time and feels that the events of the day are endless, but is also very irritable and prone to tears.

Piper methysticum

With great mental exertion, eg preparing for exams, if you feel completely overtired and no longer receptive.

Acidum picrinicum

Great weakness and weariness after mental exertion. The patients can hardly concentrate. Accompanied by a dull headache in the back of the head and neck.

Carbo animalis

Great weakness and exhaustion. The patients appear melancholic and anxious. You sit and meditate for a long time, lost in thought. A great sensitivity to cold is noticeable.

Physical exhaustion


after mental or physical exertion, also when exhausted after long journeys or jet lag due to time difference. If you take Arnica as a precaution, you can avoid tiredness and sore muscles. In case of jetlag alternating with Nux vomica.

Acidum formicicum

Physical and mental inefficiency, one constantly feels weak and overtired, has regular headaches. The immune system is weakened, people are prone to infections and often have nerve pain.

Lycopus virginicus

Symptoms of vegetative dystonia such as sleep disorders, dizziness, heart and stomach problems, listlessness, mood swings.

Chionanthus virginicus

Patients are exhausted and experience a sore and bruised feeling all over their body. Fatigue aggravated by exercise. Better from rest, warmth and lying down.


Exhaustion combined with abdominal discomfort. Better at work. The nerves are overwrought and the mood depressed.

Stannum metallicum

Physical fatigue with easy fatigue, low mood and loss of body weight. Any exertion, no matter how small, as well as excitement and talking, make the symptoms worse.

After illness

Arsenicum album

severe exhaustion and tiredness with the feeling of frailty, even the smallest exertion is perceived as too much. The trigger is often an illness with diarrhea or vomiting. One feels shaky and has a pale complexion.

Phosphoric acid

Disinterest in daily life with memory deficits reaching to apathy. signs of apathy. There is hardly any interest in physical, mental and sexual activities. Instead, there is an excessive desire for sleep and rest during the day, while the night’s rest can be disturbed. The symptoms often appear during convalescence. Children also suffer from periodic headaches due to mental overload.

Calcium sulfuricum

Chronic fatigue, listlessness. Also indicated for loss of strength due to alcohol abuse.

Aletris farinosa

Weakness and exhaustion with dizzy spells. Triggers are often loss of fluids (bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, breastfeeding) or malnutrition. The patients are very tired and are plagued by nausea, especially in the morning. This gets better with coffee or food.

Cadmium sulfuricum

Severe illness with exhaustion, vomiting and great chilliness.

Nervous exhaustion

Potassium phosphoricum

nervous exhaustion and tiredness, especially in sensitive adults and children who are prone to anemia. School children are prone to stress-related headaches.

Angelica archangelica

Deepest states of exhaustion, as also appear in glandular fever; nervous exhaustion with abdominal cramps

Causes of short-term fatigue/weakness
Fatigue or weakness does not represent a specific clinical picture, but rather represents a symptom. B.

  • exam preparation,
  • Move,
  • jet lag and
  • lack of sleep as well as
  • malnutrition or as
  • drug side effects.

This form usually disappears a short time after the triggering situation.

Causes of Prolonged Fatigue/Weakness 
If fatigue or weakness persists for a long period of time, or if no known cause is known, then a doctor should be consulted. Because the symptom can also indicate serious diseases such. B.

  • cardiac insufficiency
  • burnout
  • Diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver or lungs
  • metabolic disorders
  • inflammation
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cold  (incipient infections)
  • anemia or
  • Cancer diseases can be responsible for the general exhaustion.

In order to have this clarified, a blood test should be carried out.

Symptoms of exhaustion and weakness

  • fatigue
  • listlessness
  • reluctance
  • disinterest
  • difficulty concentrating
  • Performance disorders (reduced performance)
  • lack of motivation
  • muscular weakness
  • sleep disorders
  • headache and joint pain
  • digestive problems
  • sadness
  • Symptoms of a burn-out syndrome

Exhaustion and weakness in children
Children can also suffer from exhaustion and weakness.

The symptoms are similar to those of adults. In addition, you can also

  • Eating disorder,
  • school problems,
  • aggressiveness or
  • brackets appear

Causes of fatigue/weakness in children

  • Social isolation and neglect
  • sensory overload
  • Schoolstress
  • lack of sleep
  • malnutrition
  • too much pressure to perform (e.g. in a sports club)
  • diseases and infections

Treatment of states of exhaustion and weakness
The therapy depends on the respective causes. If stress is the cause of the weakness or exhaustion, then the stress should be significantly reduced. For example, special relaxation methods (such as autogenic training) can be helpful for this.


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