Homeopathy Treatment for Eye Injury

The eyes lie in the eye sockets for protection and are additionally covered by the eyelids to protect them. Nevertheless, injuries to the eyes can occur: from a blow to the eye, a bruise, flashes of light or foreign objects in the eye. Eye injuries should always be examined by an ophthalmologist. Homeopathic remedies help reduce pain, swelling and bruising.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic eye injury remedy that best suits your situation.


Discomfort in the eye after a cut injury, for example after an operation.

Sulfuric acid

Bleeding inside the eye from an injury. Relief of pain lying down and with warm compresses.


Discomfort from flashing or bright light. Flashes in the eye, reduced or blurry vision, and vision problems with black shadows. Accompanied by dizziness and headaches. Improvement with short rest breaks. Worse evening and night.



Contusion of the eye with bruising (black eye). Discomfort after removal of a foreign body from the eye. Irritated eyes from wearing contact lenses. The eyes feel sore. Things are seen twice. Ameliorated by heat and warm compresses.


Bruising or contusion of the eye with severe bruising and burning pain. If Arnica doesn’t bring relief, Ledum is the follow-up remedy. Ameliorated by cold or cold compresses.


Discomfort from bruising, contusion, after an operation or after an impact on the eye. The eye is red, hot and burning. Constant rubbing of the eye. Worse from cold. Better by slow movement.


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