Homeopathy Treatment for joint and back pain

Joint and back pain are very common in people who have a weakened muscular system. The muscles protect the joints from wear and tear. Physical inactivity is therefore not conducive to recovery. Rather, lying down aggravates the condition.

The joints can be damaged to such an extent that inflammatory changes occur. Herniated discs and rheumatic complaints that can become severe if left untreated. Visiting a medical professional is essential in every respect. He can assess how far the disease has progressed.

Homeopathic remedies are helpful for relieving pain and are intended to support the healing of inflammation. 

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for joint and back pain that best suits your situation.


Stiffness and pain that is more pronounced when standing and stationary than when moving.

Joint pain

Apis mellifica

for burning, stabbing joint pain with typical symptoms of inflammation such as swollen, pale red, hot skin. Also suitable for arthritis and rheumatic pain. Patient cannot tolerate heat.


the joint feels as if it has been dislocated or hit and is very sensitive to touch.


the joint pain is throbbing and has inflammatory symptoms such as crimson, swollen, and hot joints. Complaints come and go very suddenly.


lancinating, burning pain with red, hot and swollen joints. Symptoms worsen with movement.

Acidum formicicum

For chronic inflammation of the joints and pain caused by overloading or misalignment.

Allium sativum

Tightened skin over the joint, discomfort worsens when walking.

Argent metallicum

Sudden joint pain with painful tingling, inability to move, often occurring in stressful situations or before falling asleep. Pain in the arms extends from the left shoulder to the hand. Also for sciatic pain that radiates into the leg.


Piercing pains in the joints, especially in the wrists and ankles. Sudden pain in the ball of the thumb, extending from there up the arm to the shoulder. Sudden pain in ball of foot going up to knee.

Neck pain

Rhus toxicodendron

diffuse pain and stiffness in ligaments, tendons, and bones that improves with continued movement. Pain can also appear in the neck or lumbar region. Patient appears restless and craves milk.

Veratrum viride

Pressing pains in shoulders and neck. The neck hurts so much that patients have trouble holding their heads up. The pain whips through joints and muscles like electric shocks. They usually appear in muscles that have been previously stressed.

Rheumatic pains


rheumatic complaints and cutting pains in the back and neck area. Rheumatism and joint problems in menopausal women.


lancinating, tearing rheumatic pains that wander from one place to another.

Asarum europaeum

Tearing pain in walking in hips. Lancinating knee pain, both in motion and at rest. Toes feel frozen.

Spiraea ulmaria

Arms and legs are unbearably heavy and don’t want to be moved. Cramps in the extremities, especially the forearms. The pain is tearing or drawing. Additional formation of edema over the joints, which causes additional discomfort. You want to keep stretching and stretching.

Back pain


Pulling back pain, especially in the lumbar region. The tailbone feels swollen. The shoulder joints are immobile, the arms can only go up Skin / injuries: Stubborn, poorly healing skin injuries or scars caused by acne.


Joint and back pain that travels from top to bottom. Severe pain between the shoulder blades. The symptoms worsen when the weather changes.

Hedera helix

The patients alternately have pain in the arms, legs, back or small of the back. Sometimes the pain improves with movement, sometimes it gets worse with movement. Tingling, abnormal sensations and stiffness in the arms and legs. The pain is worst in the morning and at night.

Causes of joint pain

  • overload
  • arthrosis
  • infections
  • Autoimmune diseases (e.g. rheumatism)
  • Metabolic diseases (e.g. gout)
  • chronic diseases

Causes of back pain

  • Overload (of muscles, tendons or ligaments)
  • Incorrect stress or poor posture in everyday life
  • Overweight overload
  • Malformations and wear and tear of the spine and cartilage
  • disc prolapse
  • inflammatory joint rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis)
  • osteoporosis

Treatment of joint and back pain

A first aid for pain relief can be various herbal ointments. These provide warmth, penetrate deep into the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In advanced cases, treatment by a physiotherapist is highly advisable. Ultrasound treatments can act directly on the joints and promote blood circulation.

Prevent joint and back pain

A lot of exercise is very important to prevent joint and back pain. Targeted back and abdominal training strengthens the muscles, which protects the joints.


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