Homeopathy Treatment for Menopausal symptoms (climacteric symptoms)

Menopausal symptoms are not an illness, but side effects of a natural change in the female body. The ovaries reduce the production of egg cells in a process that lasts up to 10 years until it comes to a complete standstill. This hormonal change is the cause of menopausal symptoms.

During this transition phase, homeopathic remedies can be helpful to alleviate the symptoms that arise. 

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for menopausal symptoms (climacteric symptoms) that best suits your situation.


with bright red bleeding. The head in particular gets red quickly, is hot and sweaty. Dry mouth and mucous membranes. Commonly associated with sleep disorders.

Black Beauty

The bleeding is irregular, but then excessive and smells bad. Dry hot flashes can accompany it. The nasal mucous membranes in particular are very dry due to hormones and can lead to an increased urge to sneeze.

Mahonia aquifolium

Pain in the lower back, which occurs mainly in the morning when sitting and lying down.

Hot flashes


Severe irritability and sudden hot flashes

Chaste Lamb

For hot flashes and depression.


Premature menopause, in which case the hormone status should be checked. The remedy is indicated in the decrease in ovarian activity. Also with hot flashes, mood swings, heart problems and claustrophobia that come with this period.

Potassium jodatum

Hot flashes, irritability, moodiness, insomnia with nightmares. Also at the beginning of the intermittent menses.

Vinca minor

Persistent menstrual bleeding and hot flashes during menopause.

Hot flashes and sweats


no period is like the other. Hot flashes and night sweats. Mood swings and tearfulness, heat is poorly tolerated. Suitable for blond, blue-eyed women.


with hot flashes and sweating even with the slightest exertion. Patient feels drained, everything is too much. Pain and aversion to sex, as well as a feeling of lowering of the uterus. Suitable for dark-haired, brown-eyed women.


irregular rather weak periods with hot flashes. Often pains in the abdomen, muscles and joints, but also neck, back and headaches. Patient has trouble sleeping and is prone to anxiety and depression.


with hot flashes, sweating, red face and a tendency to faint or feel faint. Often skin problems caused by dry, scaly or impure skin. Hot feet, especially at night. Patient tends towards melancholy.


Hot flashes and sweating alternate with freezing. Irregular periods, which lead to irritability, abdominal pain and headaches, especially if they are delayed, and stop abruptly when the bleeding starts. Patient has a great need to talk and does not tolerate tight clothing, especially around the neck.


Hot flashes with a red, hot face and burning hot hands and feet. Often associated with high blood pressure and migraines with nausea and vomiting. Patient is often impatient and choleric.

Sulfuric acid

Hot flashes with acid sweat drenching the whole body. Afterwards you feel deeply exhausted.


Lycopus virginicus

Sweating and an accelerated heart rate, also in the case of hormonal anxiety.

Salvia officinalis

Heavy, sudden sweating that occurs regardless of the time of day. Even with unexpected milk flow.

Symptoms of menopausal disorders

About two thirds of all women are affected. The type and intensity of the complaints differ individually. Some women primarily suffer from physical ailments, which include

  • heavy sweats,
  • feeling weak,
  • hot flashes,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • tachycardia,
  • Headache,
  • general fatigue,
  • depression,
  • inner restlessness,
  • reduced performance
  • difficulty concentrating
  • urinary tract infections
  • bladder weakness
  • weight gain
  • hair loss
  • pain in the joints
  • osteoporosis
  • mood swings
  • vagienal dryness and
  • include increased irritability.

Treatment of menopausal symptoms

Until a few years ago, medicine treated menopausal symptoms with balancing hormones. Because of the increased risk of cancer, only extreme cases are treated in this way. Symptoms are alleviated by:

  • healthy eating 
  • regular exercise
  • enough sleep
  • a normal body weight
  • Abstinence from nicotine and alcohol

When to the doctor?

  • When the menopausal symptoms have a lasting impact on everyday life.
  • If menopausal symptoms occur before the age of 45.
  • If you are bleeding again after a long period without bleeding.


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