Homeopathy Treatment for Muscle cramp

Especially occasional athletes fear it, all athletes know it, the sore muscles. Mild to severe pain occurs a few hours or even a few days after physical activity. Muscle soreness presumably occurs when small tears, so-called micro-traumas, occur in the muscle tissue as a result of overloading certain muscle groups during sporting activities. The small tears in the muscles lead to inflammation. Water enters the muscle, edema forms, and muscle swelling occurs. This process eventually causes the well-known stretch pain. The cracks appear very quickly when the athlete slows down movements, but much less frequently and more slowly when accelerating movements.

Homeopathic remedies are said to support the healing of sore muscles and relieve pain. 

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for sore muscles that best suits your situation.


after prolonged physical exertion or overexertion. Muscles feel bruised and are sensitive to touch. Ameliorated by rest and lying, aggravated by motion and touch.

Rhus toxicodendron

for tearing and pulling pain, especially at the beginning of movement after physical exertion. Exhaustion and tiredness, but still a great urge to move. Better from motion and warmth, worse from cold.


When every movement, no matter how small, makes the pain worse. Patients want to be alone. You are irritable and angry. Rest and lying still improve.

Nux vomica

fainting from smells.

Causes of muscle soreness

  • physical overload

Muscle Soreness Symptoms

  • Pains

Further tips and information on treatment

Up until now, stretching exercises before and after training were considered an effective way of preventing muscle soreness. It is now known that stretching exercises have little effect on preventing muscle soreness. Nevertheless, a thorough warm-up phase before exercise is recommended. The performance of the muscles is increased by the warm-up and stretching exercises. The risk of overuse decreases. 

Light, stroking massages and heat applications are helpful against the pain of sore muscles. The heat increases blood flow in the affected area. The damaged muscle fibers are thus better supplied with nutrients, which promotes faster healing. 

Protein-rich meals are also recommended before and after exercise to prevent and heal muscle soreness. 


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