Homeopathy Treatment for nerve pain

Nerve pain (neuralgia) occurs in the supply area of ​​one or more nerves. In addition to pulling pain, abnormal sensations such as tingling or numbness are typical symptoms of neuralgia. There are different forms of neuralgia. Nerve pain can occur in the face (trigeminal neuralgia), in the back (sciatica syndrome) or in the head, legs or feet.

Treatment for nerve pain depends on the cause. Accompanying homeopathic remedies can relieve the excruciating pain. The choice of remedy depends on the type of pain (stabbing, pulling, etc.) and on the site of occurrence.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for nerve pain that best suits your situation.


Left-sided trigeminal neuralgia with earache and sensitivity to noise, dizziness and shooting toothache. Also with neuralgic pain in the eye, which occurs in attacks in the corner of the eye (ciliary neuralgia).


Neuralgic pain in the face, trigeminal nerve, toothache and earache that occurs when the weather changes.

Naja tripudians

Neuralgic pains in the ovaries or groins. Particularly suitable for nerve pain after operations.

Zincum valerianicum

Nerve pain in left temple and lower jaw. Rubbing relieves the pain.

Actaea spicata

Pain emanating from the upper jaw and then traveling through the teeth and down the cheekbones to the temples. At the same time, the patients sweat on the head and face.

Metallic Tin

Drawing and tearing nerve pain. The pain comes and goes gradually. The intensity of the pain is influenced by the sun. At the highest point of the sun at noon, the pain is also most severe.

Tingling in arms and legs

Zinc metallicum

Arms and legs tingle like ants are walking over them, feel numb and paralyzed. Nerve pain like shingles occurs.

Metallic Platinum

The extremities tingle, feel cold and numb, especially the little fingers and big toes. leg cramps. The pain manifests itself in spasms and runs in waves. Arms and legs become limp, unable to rise. Also for vageinal cramps during intercourse.

Recurrent pain

Spider’s crown

Nerve pain in the head and face area. The pain returns regularly every day at the same time or with longer breaks.


Periodic nerve pain. Trigeminal neuralgia at the same time every day or recurring periodically.

Sharp pains

Magnesium carbonicum

Stinging pain in the face in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve, radiating to the teeth.


Facial, trigeminal and dental nerve neuralgia. The pain is stabbing, starting in the jaw and spreading across the face.

Dosing recommendation

The selected remedy is taken as required in potency D6 up to three times a day and in potency D12 up to twice a day.

Where does nerve pain come from?

If the nervous system is damaged, nerve pain occurs. What is special about this form of pain is that the pain does not arise where it is felt. The reason for this is the damage or disruption of the pain-conducting system

  • injuries
  • infections,
  • metabolic diseases or
  • through wrong movements.

Frequently, only individual nerve roots or nerves of the peripheral nervous system (nervous system that lies outside the brain and spinal cord) are affected, e.g. B. after

  • The operation,
  • herniated discs,
  • heart attacks or
  • shingles.

For nerve pain – also called neuropathic pain – can also

  • tissue growths,
  • Scar,
  • amputated limbs
  • alcohol abuse or
  • be responsible for diabetes mellitus.

If the central nervous system (spinal cord, brain) is affected,

  • Stroke,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Parkinson’s or one
  • Paraplegia may be the trigger for the pain.

Symptoms of neuralgia (nerve pain)

Characteristic of nerve pain are complaints such as a

  • tingling (pins and needles) in the feet and hands,
  • numbness (especially in the legs)
  • stabbing and burning pains
  • Falling asleep of the limbs (primarily the hands) and
  • reduced skin sensitivity to pressure, cold and heat stimuli.
  • The pain can appear suddenly and disappear again or persist for a longer period of time. The quality of life of those affected is restricted and symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety or inner restlessness follow.


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