Homeopathy Treatment for sinus infection

Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis) usually occurs as part of an acute cold. Viruses are the most common cause. The acute inflammation usually subsides after a short time. However, a chronic course of a sinus infection can also occur. Antibiotics are not indicated for viral infection, but only for additional bacterial infection.

Homeopathic remedies are suitable for relieving symptoms such as a cold and headache. They work naturally and have no side effects.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for sinus infection that best suits your situation.


Acute, suddenly onset and severe sinusitis with throbbing pain in the frontal and maxillary sinuses. Red eyes and red hot face. Patient is sensitive to touch and pressure. Aggravated by movement and jarring.

Kalium bichromicum

with a feeling of pressure at the bridge of the nose and throbbing pain in the forehead and/or cheekbones. Nasal discharge is yellowish, viscous and stringy. Ameliorated by warmth and exercise. Worse in the morning and from cold.

Sulfuric liver

stabbing pain in forehead or jaw. Nasal discharge is yellowish green, first liquid, later thick and foul-smelling.


in very cold patients; like to envelop the head; feeling cold in head, feet and arms; Tendency to sweat on head and feet

Soluble mercury

for purulent, greenish nasal discharge that smells bad and burns, causing the nostrils to become sore. Frequently associated with night sweats, thickly coated tongue with teeth impressions and salivation.


Nasal secretion that is thin at first and later becomes viscous. Sinusitis commonly in associated with headaches. improvement in fresh air.


Acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. A strong pressure is felt in the area of ​​the root of the nose.

Ivy helix

Cold with headache in forehead and left temple. The patients suffer from runny nose, hoarseness and cough. The symptoms worsen in warm rooms. Patients immediately feel better in the fresh air.

Cistus canadensis

Chronic or recurring sinus infections with thick, yellow secretions and a cold feeling in the nose. Aggravation of cold sensation from breathing cold air and from cold in general.

Sodium carbonicum

Coryza with thick, slimy, yellow, fetid nasal discharge. Aggravation from the slightest draft of air.

Causes of sinusitis

  • Allergies
  • Viral Infection
  • Bacterial infection

 Typical symptoms of a sinus infection

  • stuffy nose
  • viscous, viscous, yellow-green to green nasal secretion (in the case of bacterial infections)
  • dripping nose with white to transparent secretion (in viral infections)
  • general fatigue
  • Tenderness and tenderness in the facial area
  • Red eyes
  • Pressure when bending (head bending forward)
  • facial and headaches
  • typical symptoms of a cold
  • loss of sense of smell

Treatment of a sinus infection

Acute sinusitis usually heals on its own and does not require any further treatment in the form of medication. However, the symptoms can be alleviated with homeopathic remedies. If the inflammation occurs more than four times a year without symptom-free intervals or lasts 12 weeks, it is called chronic sinusitis. Drug therapy can usually help those affected. If this is not the case, an operation is carried out to clear the inflamed or blocked sinuses.


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