Homeopathy Treatment for skin tuberculosis

In cutaneous tuberculosis, the skin is chronically inflamed. A bacterium is responsible for the infection, which can also trigger pulmonary tuberculosis. Symptoms include nodular thickening of the skin, ulcers, and swollen lymph nodes. The most common form of cutaneous tuberculosis is lupus vulgaris. This is a very severe, chronic and progressively worsening type of skin tuberculosis. The inflammation primarily affects the head, neck and cheeks of the face.


  • Flaky patches of skin
  • skin changes
  • ulcers
  • Formation of scars after the skin lesions have healed

Skin tuberculosis is performed by doctors according to the guidelines for tuberculosis therapy and lasts at least a year. Self-treatment is strongly discouraged.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for cutaneous tuberculosis that best suits your situation.

Fucus vesiculosus

Skin tuberculosis with lichen, scales, suppuration.


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