Homeopathy Treatment for strains

Muscle or ligament strains are usually accident-related. Typical symptoms are severe pain, swelling and bruising.

Pulled muscles are usually treated according to the PECH scheme:
• P = Pause
• E = Ice (cold compress)
• C = Compression (pressure bandage)
• H = Elevation

Homeopathic remedies have a pain-relieving effect and help to reduce swelling and bruising.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for strains that best suits your situation.


The injured area is hot, red and very painful. Patients are restless and very afraid. Ameliorated by cold compresses. Worse from heat and during night.


Arnica is the main remedy for strains. The affected area is swollen, feels sore, and every movement is painful. A bruise develops. Worse on motion and from touch or pressure. Better with warm compresses.


Stinging pains and hard swellings. Any movement, no matter how small, makes the pain worse. Patient is extremely irritable and wants to be alone. Worse from slight shaking or touch, heat, and slightest movement. Better from firm pressure, lying on injured area, rest, and cold compresses.


Strongest pain. Patients are generally very sensitive to pain. Great irritability. Worse at night and from warmth.


Burning pain. Injured area feels cold. If Arnica doesn’t bring relief, Ledum is the follow-up remedy. Worse in warm bed. Better with ice-cold poultices.

Rhus toxicodendron

Tearing pain and feeling of stiffness in the affected joint. Great restlessness with strong urge to move. Increased pain at the beginning of the movement, which decreases over time. Pain worse at rest. Better from heat and continued exercise.


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