Homeopathy Treatment for underdevelopment of children

Developmental delay is a term that addresses child development and summarizes different impairments. The physician speaks of a developmental deficit when the child does not develop in accordance with its age in some areas or overall.

Homeopathic remedies are intended to support and promote the body mentally, spiritually and physically.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for developmental delay that best suits your situation.

Agaricus muscarius

Children lag behind their age-appropriate development. They are nervous and restless, constantly on the move, demanding a lot of attention.


Slow mental development. Sexuality is very much in the foreground. Patients are strongly guided by their instincts.

Causes of developmental delay

  • inheritance
  • congenital abnormalities (lack of oxygen during birth)
  • metabolic disorders
  • damage during pregnancy
  • little mental stimulation
  • little social and emotional attention

Symptoms of developmental delay

Developmental delays affect the mental, emotional and social areas as well as language and motor skills. In the mental area, the child should be able to understand the connections between things and remember what they have learned. The social and emotional area includes dealing with others and feelings. If a child cannot meet gross or fine motor requirements, it has deficits in motor skills.

Further information

Children often also suffer from a developmental deficit in language, because the motor and language centers lie side by side in the brain and influence each other. Overall, all areas of development can take place differently in a child. So it can happen that a child can already speak and not yet walk and another child is already walking and not yet speaking perfectly. However, the individual development steps of an area have a specific order, such as: sitting up, getting up, walking.

If a developmental delay has been diagnosed by development tests, the therapy depends on the affected areas. The aim of any therapy is to support the child in everyday life and to make up for the deficits.


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