Honey and turmeric: the benefits of this combination and ideas for using them together

Honey and turmeric, two natural products with surprising health benefits. Substances that combined together increase their curative effectiveness and can be useful for preventing and treating flu and colds by strengthening our body’s defenses. So let’s see what are the benefits of this combination and how to use it.

Turmeric has made its way into our pantries for a few years. Known and used in oriental cultures for its exceptional properties, this root is increasingly at the center of attention also in scientific research for its numerous qualities (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, etc.).

Honey is a useful product against sore throats and coughs, it can be dissolved in a hot drink or taken directly with a spoon, enjoying it slowly in the mouth. This substance, obtained from bees, is part of our tradition and the healing recipes of our grandmothers.

But what happens if we combine honey and turmeric together? In this way we create an effective natural antibiotic and we go to exploit the qualities of both substances in the best way. But now let’s take a closer look at the properties of honey and turmeric.

Honey and Turmeric: the properties

The most known and appreciated beneficial properties of honey are: the antibiotic power, that is the ability to fight bacteria, but also its being a good natural sedative in case of cough like many syrups and products on the market. Finally, let’s not forget that honey is also a good natural anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric also offers an infinite number of benefits to our body: it is antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, pain reliever and has also shown the ability to block the advance of tumors. It also supports liver activity, helps digestion, prevents type 2 diabetes, and appears to be a good antidepressant as well.

The compound based on turmeric and honey can therefore be useful for the first symptoms of flu, cough, cold, headache and other problems related to seasonal illness.

These substances are very useful for soothing inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and throat. It is no coincidence that honey and turmeric for coughs are particularly effective. On the one hand, honey tends to soften the mucous membranes and quell coughs while turmeric acts as a full-fledged anti-inflammatory. Both also have antibiotic and antiseptic power and strengthen the defenses of our body which can thus better face the attack by bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.

Finally, it is important to underline that, unlike traditional antibiotics, this natural compound is absolutely free from the side effects typical of well-known medicines, primarily the destruction of good bacterial flora. On the contrary, honey and turmeric improve intestinal functions and promote digestion.

How to take Honey and Turmeric

First let’s see how to prepare the mixture based on honey and turmeric. The ideal proportion to use is 1 tablespoon of turmeric per 100 grams of honey (it is important that it is organic to avoid ingesting harmful substances). The two ingredients are well mixed together and immediately placed in a glass container with a lid and stored in the refrigerator.

There are those who recommend taking the mixture of honey and turmeric in small, close doses during the first day : half or 1 teaspoon every hour, the second day : every two hours and the third day : every three. In this case it is used in all respects as a natural medicine that it would be better to dissolve gently in the mouth or, as we will describe below, pour in a little hot water or other drink to be sipped calmly. We advise you to consult your doctor if you want to undertake this type of treatment, even more so if you are taking medications.

1. Hot drink of turmeric and honey

If the idea of ​​swallowing a teaspoon of the mixture (three or more times a day) as it is does not seem possible due to the strong taste, you can dissolve the teaspoon of honey and turmeric in a hot drink. It can be plain water, tea or vegetable milk (e.g. rice milk or soy milk).

2. Turmeric and honey with lemon, ginger and cinnamon

To enhance the antibiotic and antimicrobial effect, you can also add lemon juice or ginger. The combination with cinnamon is also excellent (a teaspoon is enough to mix with the other ingredients).

3. Turmeric smoothie or contrifugato

You can also use the mixture of honey and turmeric to prepare a smoothie using vegetable milk in addition and if you want also some fresh fruit blended. In case you want to prepare a centrifuged (or extract if you use a juice extractor), you can do it using fresh organic and seasonal fruit with the addition of fresh turmeric that you can find in organic food stores and lately also in the most well-stocked supermarkets. Finally, you can sweeten as you like with a teaspoon of honey of your choice!

4. Turmeric pudding

If you want to prepare a pudding, you can do it by adding a natural thickener such as agar agar to the classic smoothie described above.

5. Golden Milk

Do you know Golden Milk? It is an excellent drink that is prepared with milk, turmeric paste, almond oil and which can be sweetened with honey.

Preservation of Honey and Turmeric

If you have prepared the mixture based on honey and turmeric, you can keep it in the refrigerator and consume it within a few days (maximum 5 but better 3). An always valid advice is to prepare small quantities to have an always fresh mixture that maintains its properties better.

Warnings and contraindications

Turmeric and honey is a natural remedy that is generally suitable for everyone but as always there are exceptions. Turmeric in particular should not be taken by those suffering from gallbladder stones while in the case of liver disease it is always good to seek the advice of an expert. Honey, on the other hand, is generally not recommended for those suffering from diabetes.


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