How to clean the liver with raisins

Currently, our lifestyle habits, such as unhealthy eating, lack of regular physical activity or insufficient or incorrect rest, cause our body not to function in the most adequate way. Toxins and other substances that are not recommended for the body accumulate and make various organs of the body have to work faster and with excessive work that, in the medium and long term, can affect the functioning of these organs, causing pathologies that can lead to serious problems.

Among these organs we find some as important as the kidneys or the liver. Both are responsible for keeping the body free of toxins, cleaning all the excesses that we cause with our intake and eliminating certain types of substances that are no longer necessary in our body. If these functions are not fulfilled properly, our body gets sick, so it is important that they work perfectly. There are some natural remedies that can help us clean them. 

What are the functions of the liver

The liver is one of the fundamental organs of the body. Without it, the rest of the organs and systems of our body could not carry out their work. Apart from eliminating and disposing of toxins, it has a large number of very important functions. It generates, regulates and secretes various types of hormones, is responsible for the storage of vitamins, produces bile, which is necessary for the food digestion process and also generates certain essential proteins and has fundamental functions in the protection against infectious agents.

All this tells us that if the liver has problems at the time of working, it can cause very serious alterations in the body, therefore we must prevent it from collapsing and performing its functions in a forced way due to the appearance of impurities inside it. Or just stop doing them. Luckily, there are different remedies to cleanse the liver of these substances and promote its proper functioning. Among the natural ones, one of the most used and effective are raisins.

Do raisins cleanse the liver?

The answer is yes. Raisins have various properties that make their consumption highly recommended for both the liver and digestive system, as well as for other areas of our body.

  • They stimulate biliary secretion: as well as that of gastric juices, thus helping to eliminate toxins.
  • They favor blood purification: as well as the reduction of triglycerides and the production of bad cholesterol, helping the liver in these processes.
  • Reduces constipation: by favoring digestion, they cause the risk of constipation to be lower, and also multiplies the absorption of the nutrients necessary for our body to function.
  • Protection against free radicals: at a general level within the body, raisins have antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, which protect us from free radicals and, therefore, help delay the aging of our cells.

Therefore, it can be concluded that raisins have characteristics that help the liver to carry out its functions and make our digestions much less heavy, that we better absorb the nutrients present in the food we eat and that we favor cleansing and detoxification, eliminating toxins more easily.

To take full advantage of the properties of raisins, there is an even better way to ingest them: we can prepare raisin water.

How to prepare raisin water to cleanse the liver

The main characteristic of raisin water is that it stimulates and favors the biochemical reactions that take place in the liver to eliminate toxins from our blood and from the body. To prepare the raisin water you need:

  • 200 grams of raisins
  • 500 ml of water
  1. First, wash the raisins well and leave them clean in a bowl.
  2. Heat the 500 ml of water until they start to boil and at that moment add the raisins.
  3. Let it boil for a quarter of an hour.
  4. Then turn off the heat and let them sit overnight.
  5. In the morning, before breakfast, strain the water to separate the raisins from this infusion and drink a glass.
  6. You can take it both warm and something hotter.

How to drink raisin water for the liver – tips

To correctly take raisin water for the liver, it is recommended:

  • Recommended dose: It is recommended to drink just one glass of this raisin infusion for 3 consecutive days once a month.
  • When to take it: it is preferable to take it on an empty stomach, about 20 minutes before breakfast, for greater absorption.
  • How to take it: it is advisable to take the raisins in this way because we multiply the effect and leave aside the sugars that the grapes contain in their original state.

It is important to note that raisins for the liver are ideal if what we want is to keep our organ healthy; although it is also especially indicated to drink raisin water to cleanse fatty liver. However, the most advisable thing is to always consult with our doctor if we can use this type of home remedies, since if we have other problems in addition to fatty liver, it could be possible that we could harm ourselves more, instead of solving the problem.


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