How to cleanse the body after summer

When summer comes to an end, it is important to “set up” our body and eliminate the excesses that we have been able to commit during the holidays. In the summer we tend to eat worse and drink more, so it is important to be aware of this and, as soon as we return from vacation, start with a detox plan. We are going to give you all the keys so that you know how to cleanse your body after the summer. Below we provide you with indications about the foods that you must include in your diet, as well as some habits that you must restart so that your body is healthy and healthy again.

Why is it important to purify the body after the summer

During the summer, it is common for us to carry out a series of lifestyle habits that can destabilize our state of health, causing us to have more toxins and elements that are harmful to the body. And it is that, the vast majority of people take advantage of the hottest months of the year to make their vacations, disconnect and enjoy maximum relaxation.

Taking care of yourself in winter is always easier than in summer because the days are shorter and you don’t feel like going out as much, because going to the gym to sweat seems like a good idea to beat the cold and because you’re motivated to get in shape. However, in summer, the heat makes us not want to exercise so much and, of course, we drink more alcohol, go out to eat more and eat some foods such as ice cream, slushies or, of course, the delicious summer cocktails.

Therefore, at the end of the holidays, there is nothing better than getting ready to do a body “set-up”. And for this reason, we are going to give you the best tips to cleanse your body after the summer. Keep reading!

Purifying diet of only 3 days to cleanse the body

To purify the body to the maximum there is nothing better than doing a detox diet that lasts only 3 days. It is a perfect option to eliminate the excesses that we have done during the holidays and that, in this way, our body can recover its balance and give it time to recompose itself. In the event that your excesses have not been so bad, you can opt for a diet of only 1 day with which it will be enough to give the body a 24-hour break and allow it to balance again.

A purifying diet is very easy to do with these tips: it is about taking a diet that only consists of vegetables and fruits. This diet can only be extended from 1 to 3 days, never more than this time since our body needs more food to be in top shape. However, this 3-day break will allow your body to accelerate its internal cleansing and ensure that the accumulated toxins can be eliminated more easily.

You have to know that the way to take these foods can be by preparing smoothies or green juices (something that became very fashionable a few years ago) or, also, you can choose to consume them naturally. There is no preference in this regard, you can choose the method that interests you the most. For more information on this, we recommend you read our article on how to do a 3-day detox diet where we tell you everything you need to do and take into account.

Fiber, an essential nutrient to purify the body

In addition to opting for a purifying diet, it is also important that for at least 15 or 30 days you follow healthy eating habits that allow you to purify your body after the summer. Do not think that this process can be achieved in just 3 days, not at all: recovering the balance of your health is much slower and progressive, therefore, plan to spend two to four weeks following a healthier diet and reducing the consumption of alcohol.

During this time it will be essential that you include a series of nutrients that are perfect for eliminating toxins from the body. For example, fiber is one of the best options for it. With fiber, what is achieved is to activate intestinal transit and, therefore, eliminate the accumulation of all the waste that is in the body. In addition, the fiber will satisfy our appetite, so you will eat healthily without going hungry at all.

In this sense, it is recommended that you include foods rich in fiber in your daily life so that you can reduce the swelling of your body and recover its balance and well-being.

Drink more liquids in your day to day

Obviously, in order to purify the body after the summer, it is also recommended that you increase your fluid intake during the day. And it is that liquids help us to speed up internal movements and to eliminate excess toxins or waste from the body naturally. Therefore, nothing better than increasing water consumption and drinking an average of 8 glasses a day (about 2 litres).

But, in addition to water, you can also help yourself with some purifying infusions that will better mobilize the deposits and make your body much healthier. Here we leave you a list of the best infusions to detoxify the body when returning from vacation:

  • Horsetail: this plant acts as a natural diuretic and, therefore, will help us eliminate toxins from our interior in a more effective way
  • Green tea: it is another of the best drinks to get a cleaner body. Increases urine production and, therefore, gets us to clean ourselves much faster
  • Artichoke infusion: this vegetable is ideal for cleansing the body because it acts as a natural diuretic and is also rich in fiber. Therefore, nothing better than including this infusion in your day to day life and you will achieve a much healthier body.

And, also, you should avoid alcohol consumption. To detoxify the body after the holidays, there is nothing better than spending 15 or 30 days without drinking any alcohol: no beer, no wine, no aperitif… Try to stop drinking alcohol during this period of time and, believe us, your body he will thank you.

Fill your plates with fruits and vegetables to purify the body

During the time that you are doing this depurative planning, it is important that you bet on healthy eating habits and that you eliminate the consumption of fats, sugars, fried foods, etc. In general terms, your best allies to achieve a more refined body are fruits and vegetables. Why? Because both food groups are rich in fiber, water and nutrients. In addition, they are low in fat and calories, so they will feed us in a healthy way without suffering excesses of any kind.

Therefore, you should bet on a diet rich in these food groups and ensure that your dishes are loaded with vegetables. In this way, you will enjoy much more beneficial habits for your body and eliminate the accumulation of toxins that you have gained during the summer.

Some of the best cleansing foods are:

  • Green leafy vegetables: spinach, lettuce, broccoli, etc., are ideal to include in your diet as they will help us purify the body thanks to their diuretic action
  • Fruits rich in water: apples, watermelons, oranges, pineapples, etc., are perfect ingredients to include in the diet since, in addition to interesting nutrients, they also provide us with water, so we will better clean our interior
  • Do not forget the lemon: among all the purifying fruits, the best of all is the lemon since it is a perfect ingredient to eliminate toxins and accumulated fat, in addition, it improves intestinal transit. Essential!

In addition to this, it is important that you learn to eat healthy every day and that you enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet that is low in saturated fat.


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