How to make Calendula Oil at home

How to make calendula oil : detailed instructions for making calendula oil at home with both the cold and hot methods.

The beneficial and therapeutic properties of calendula oil are now well known; it is no coincidence that it is present in many pharmaceutical or homeopathic compositions.

Specifically, we are talking about calendula oleolite since it is an oil that is extracted from the maceration of the leaves of the homonymous plant in a carrier oil, that is, an oil that contains the major active ingredients of the plant.

The carrier oil can be of any type: almond, olive, sunflower, coconut oil, etc. The uses of calendula oil in natural medicine are varied. Its benefits are easily found in case of discomfort or pathologies related to the skin: inflammation of the skin, as well as joint or muscle inflammation.

It also has a high moisturizing and emollient power. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, calendula oil is an ideal remedy for wounds, insect bites and many other ailments. Do you want to know all the benefits of calendula oil? 

The oleolite has a less powerful action than the essential oil, but this does not mean that it is not very effective. Compared to the extraction of the active ingredients through alcohol, it is certainly more sustainable from an ecological point of view and free of harmful substances for our body.

How to make homemade calendula oil

On this page we will show you how to make calendula oil at home; the procedure is very simple and does not require any excessive cost. In particular we will suggest 2 preparation methods: the cold one (longer procedure) and the hot one (fairly quick preparation)

It is advisable to use the cold method; it does not require cooking, therefore it turns out to be a more “delicate” method for extracting the principles of calendula. Even if cooking is not done at low temperatures, some active ingredients could still be lost.

How to make cold calendula oil

For both the cold method and the hot method, only 2 ingredients are needed: 500 ml of oil and 80 grams of dried calendula flowers; they are readily available in herbal medicine. Of course, you will also need to get an airtight glass jar. As for the oil, we can opt for olive, grape seed (excellent for the skin) or sunflower oil.

How to proceed

  1. Arrange the flowers inside the sterilized glass jar and pour the oil until they are completely covered for about 2 centimeters
  2. Close the jar with the lid then place it in a paper bag
  3. Place the bag with the jar near a window so that the sun can gently warm the oil
  4. Shake the jar well every day for about 4 weeks
  5. At the end of this period, filter the calendula oil and pour it into a clean glass container

PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone likes to use the paper bag. There are those who preferred that the sunlight reaches the jar more directly.

How to make hot calendula oil

The ingredients we need are the same as listed above. Let’s see in detail how to proceed.

  1. Arrange the calendula flowers in the container and pour in enough oil
  2. close with the lid and shake vigorously
  3. Take a tea towel or pot holder and place it on the bottom of a pot
  4. Fill the pot with water and place the jar with the calendula oil
  5. When the water begins to boil, lower the heat to low. The jar must remain on the stove for between 4 and 6 hours
  6. At this point, filter the calendula oil preferably with gauze or in any case some natural fiber fabric then store in another airtight jar.

This method is suitable in all those “emergency” situations in which we need to make an oil quickly.

How to Store Calendula Oil

After making calendula oil at home, it is good to store it in the most correct way, not only to make sure that the beneficial substances contained within it remain active for a long time but also to prevent the calendula oil from turning rancid.

The jars should be kept in a dry and dark place: a locker or a dressing room are the perfect places. It is preferable to always use glass jars clear enough to allow us to understand if the marigold oil is still usable or has formed mold or other.

How To Use Calendula Oil

Thanks to its emollient action, calendula oil is an excellent moisturizer; restores a healthy appearance to the skin without cracking and redness. It is in fact an excellent oil to always keep in your handbag when the weather conditions change and our skin suddenly finds itself in contact with humidity and wind that immediately dry the skin.

Very few drops of calendula oil are enough. Spread on the skin or on aching muscles and joints to find relief and soothe the pain.

Calendula oil, where to buy it

Who does not like  DIY or prefers a more concentrated calendula oil, can buy ready-made calendula officinalis oil, yes.. but where? In herbal medicine or taking advantage of online shopping.

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