Ian White and the Australian Bush flower essences

Ian White is the founding naturopathic naturalist of the Australian Bush Flower Essences Society. Let’s find out how he developed his thinking about him until he discovered the potential offered by plants in Australia.

Ian White’s studies and life

Naturopath and homeopath, graduated in Natural Sciences, Psychology and Naturopathy, coming from a family of herbalist tradition for several generations and raised in the ‘bush’, the characteristic wild Australian bush, in contact with nature, where he learned the secrets of collection and preparation of medicinal herbs by the grandmother, an expert herbalist.

Thanks to her, Ian has developed a deep respect for Nature, which has allowed him to become a pioneer and operator committed to the search for the rebalancing qualities of the plants of his continent. Initially distant from the world of herbs and naturopathy, he began studying psychology and science.

After a vacation in India, from which he returns physically and psychologically weakened, he relies on the natural cures of complementary medicine, yoga, meditation, taking responsibility for his own health, and then decides to complete his university studies by combining psychology and natural therapies at the New South Wales College of Natural Therapies. 

Ian White’s activity as a therapist and the study of Bach’s technique

In his activity as a therapist he then has the opportunity to observe the results of the use of English flower essences on patients, with results that even exceeded those of the homeopathic remedies that he had widely used in his activity.

Thus Ian White begins to question, taking a cue from the works of Edward Bach and his method, about the potential offered by plants in Australia. In this continent, which with Brazil is the place with the most varied and rich flora in the world, the plants are particular and grow in isolation, often in areas where man has never set foot, therefore with great energy. Applying Edward Bach’s technique to this exceptional floral heritage, Ian White created his own local flower remedies.

After his academic training, his metaphysical evolution follows, thanks to which he begins to discover the essences of the bush and to understand its therapeutic properties through meditation and channeling. Since the beginning of the eighties of the last century, with the positive responses of patients and researches, he has developed the current repertoire of flower essences that are active on all emotional and psychological problems, psychosomatic manifestations and on the hormonal and immune balance of the human organism. His findings were confirmed, supported and expanded by collaboration with other therapists and his knowledge of kinesiology and the use of medical diagnostic tools (Vega, Morey). 

The development of the Australian Bush Flower Essences Society

Author of the three texts also present in Italy: the first, ‘Australian flower essences’ with the first fifty essences; the second ‘The therapeutic power of Australian flowers’ with the further twelve essences, insights and a rich emotional repertoire of essences; the reference text for essences applied to the animal world; the most recent translated into Italian is that of flower essences for children ‘Healthy and happy children’, all published by Tecniche Nuove.

Australian essence therapists around the world are gathered in the Australian Bush Flower Essences Society, which conducts training, information and research seminars in more than 40 countries. Ian returns to Italy every year with doctor Jill Illot, to hold training and refresher courses and seminars on flowers and on everything that happens again in the world of Australian flower therapy. The association’s goal is to provide the best resources to support practitioners and therapists including constant and updated training.

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