Juglans Regia in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is Juglans regia?

Juglans regia is used in homeopathy for purulent skin rashes, such as eczema and acne. It is also given for menstrual cramps and headaches.

Leading symptoms

  • Abscesses in the armpits
  • Red spots, small pustules on the skin
  • Skin itching when getting warm
  • Liver pain with jaundice
  • Bloating with frequent belching
  • cradle cap
  • blackheads, acne

Information about the agent

How do you recognize patients who need Juglans regia?

Patients with a need for Juglans regia are extraordinarily goal-oriented and are not afraid to take unconventional paths. You suffer from dizziness and headache. Eyes and ears burn, styes and purulent pustules develop. One oscillates between loss of appetite and excessive desire for food, has little thirst. There is a feeling of fullness, heartburn and hiccups. You have to take off or loosen your clothes. The oral mucosa is dry, the tongue is swollen and coated with white. Patients report palpitations and chest tightness.

At night one suffers from itching in the anal region, sleeps restlessly, and has to urinate frequently. The right arm and hand are weak and painful. The menstrual blood is clots and dark, the period comes too early. Men have increased erections, experience burning sensations in the pe^is after intercourse.

The symptoms often appear during developmental spurts or impending changes in previous living conditions.


Juglans regia is indicated for all typical symptoms that are ameliorated or worsened by the following modalities:


  • onset of menstruation


  • At night
  • Warm room air
  • personal changes

What are typical areas of application for Juglans regia?

  • abscesses
  • stye
  • acne
  • skin rashes

Areas of application in detail


Boils of pus in the armpits, accompanied by severe itching. The symptoms are more common on the right than on the left. Also suitable for teeth-related purulent inflammation in the mouth and tooth root abscesses.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Small purulent pimples on chin, chest, shoulders and upper back. Suitable for pubescents, especially girls, and for teething problems.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Severe itching in the eyes, ears, armpits and anal region, followed by a purulent rash, pustules and/or abscesses. Weeping rash on lower extremities, appearing at night.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


The edges of the eyelids itch first, then burn inflamed as a preliminary symptom of styes (hailstones). The inflammation occurs on the lower edge of the eyelid.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6 

Menstrual cramps

The cycle is shortened, the bleeding is dark red and lumpy.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Application information

Dosage form of Juglans regia

Juglans regia is given as globules several times a day.

Juglans regia dosage

When the typical symptoms occur, five low-potency globules are given three times a day. Babies, toddlers and children receive 1 to 3 globules. In acute cases, an additional dose can be given.

Juglans regia during pregnancy

Pregnant women can use Juglans regia without side effects. The remedy is recommended for severe pregnancy acne. In the last trimester of pregnancy it can be administered for liver-induced skin itching.

Side effects of Juglans regia

There are no known side effects or interactions with Juglans regia. Very sensitive patients can develop short-term nausea in the sense of a homeopathic initial aggravation.

Typical potencies: from D6

fabric type: medicinal plant


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