Juniper Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Juniper essential oil : properties, information, characteristics and uses of juniper essence. The essential juniper oil as a natural remedy or for the preparation of perfumes DIY.

Extraction of juniper essential oil

The essential oil of juniper is extracted by distillation from the cones of the species Juniperus communis. The color of juniper essential oil can vary from greenish yellow to pale yellow, it can even be completely colorless. Juniper essential oil is not extracted only from the cones of the Jiniperus communis species: another type of juniper essential oil can be obtained from the leaves and branches of the Juniperus virginiana species. Steam distillation for the production of juniper essence starting from leaves and branches or from berries, is carried out in the coldest periods of the year to reduce the loss of active ingredients due to evaporation, which is greater in the hot months.

Essential oil of juniper is extracted from cones, commonly called cuddly and berries. In reality, juniper cones are not real berries and with the distillation extraction process not only the essential oil is obtained but also a residue which, treated with water and concentrated under vacuum, gives rise to a syrupy liquid known as an extract juniper.

Chemical composition of juniper essential oil

Among its constituent chemical compounds, juniper essential oil includes alpha pinene, cadinene, camphene and terpineol. The camphene is a very volatile bicicliclo monoterpene, has a pungent odour and is found in other essential oils such as ginger, valerian, lemon grass, camphor and essential oil of neroli. Alpha pinene is also a bicyclic monoterpene, it is a very precious compound, exploited by the confectionery industry for the production of balsamic candies and by the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of suffimiges to be inhaled. Pinene is a very volatile compound and, dispersing into the environment, releases a pleasant balsamic aroma. For its constituents, the essential oil of juniper berries it can be useful for stopping snoring and is one of the natural remedies for halitosis.

Properties and uses of juniper essential oil

Essential oil of juniper includes purifying and draining, useful to detoxify the body naturally. Essential oil of juniper acts both on the kidneys and on the lymphatic system helping our body to expel toxins and waste.

With aromatherapyjuniper essential oil is useful for its tonic and energizing properties and for its positive impact on the psyche. To make the most of the energizing properties it is possible to perform massages based on juniper essential oil, 2 drops are enough for each tablespoon of carrier oil (even better if it is almond oil, 100% pure sweet almond oil).

We have already mentioned the purifying and draining properties, for this reason, the essence of juniper can be used to make ointments to be used for anti-cellulite massages or, to prepare anti-acne tonics. The purifying and astringent action of the active ingredients contained in juniper oil can reduce the problems of acne, oily skin, blackheads and pimples. To make the most of the effect, just choose one of the oil-based recipes of the DIY tonic and add 5 to 10 drops of juniper essential oil for every 200 ml of tonic. When using any toner, avoid dwelling too long on the eye area.

For the preparation of an anti-cellulite massage oil, add 5 drops of juniper essential oil to 3 drops of basil essential oil, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 drop of thyme essence. Mix these essential oils in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil of your choice such as avocado carrier oil or sweet almond oil.

To exercise the draining and purifying action especially through the kidneys, you can perform targeted massages on the main lymphatic stations such as neck, armpits, groin and legs. In this case, the massage must be done with circular and delicate movements. Simply dissolve 4 drops of juniper essential oil in a tablespoon of avocado carrier oil or other absorbent and moisturizing vegetable oil.

Where to buy Juniper essential oil

Juniper essence can be purchased in stores specializing in the sale of natural products or through online purchases. The price of juniper essential oil varies a lot between online and in-store purchases, there is a lot more competition on the web and prices tend to be lower. Furthermore, the price of juniper oil also varies according to the raw material used in the extraction process by steam distillation: if the “juniper berries” come from organic farming, the essential oil extracted will cost more.

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