Kalium Chloratum in homeopathy (all you need to know)

Kalium Chloratum is a homeopathic remedy made from potassium chloride useful against colds, swelling and skin disorders. Let’s find out better. 

Kalium Chloratum or also Kalium Muriaticum is potassium chloride (chemical formula KCl), that is, it is the potassium salt of hydrochloric acid. At room temperature it appears as a white crystalline powder.

The homeopathic remedy Kalium Chloratum is obtained by triturating potassium chloride with lactose and subsequent dilutions and dynamizations in a hydroalcoholic solution. The mineral salt of potassium chloride is found in almost all cells of the body and is particularly abundant in the cells of the brain, nerves, muscles and red blood cells. It regulates the formation of fibrin, which is the protein responsible for the blood clotting process.

When the cells lose potassium chloride as a result of an imbalance due to disease, the fibrin comes to the surface assuming the appearance of a white mass, so a mealy secretion indicates a deficiency of potassium chloride. A potassium deficiency causes muscle weakness, arrhythmias. While excess potassium causes asthenia, muscle cramps, hypotension, cardiac arrest.

When using Kalium Chloratum

The homeopathic remedy Kalium chloratum is a turberculin remedy, useful in the second stage of an inflammatory process. It is also used in chronic diarrhea, in vagienal discharge and in some forms of dermatitis. In summary, the homeopathic remedy Kalium chloratum is particularly effective in all cases of swelling and in the catarrhal state following acute inflammation.
Here in fact is that it is used in general:

  • swelling and swelling caused by inflammation, particularly in cases of enlarged glands, for example in swollen tonsils. It is also used in joint swelling due to arthrosis or joint rheumatism, together with a diet low in acids.
  • cold with whitish or grayish-white and thick mucus, temporary deafness, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, hoarseness
  • otitis, painful inflammation of the ear
  • eye problems, cataracts, conjunctivitis , glaucoma, sty
  • skin disorders, such as acne, dermatosis, psoriasis, warts, rash, blackheads, chilblains, hives, cold sores, boils, dandruff
  • disorders of muscles, nerves, cartilage
  • intoxication, liver disorders, liver enlargement, cirrhosis, chronic diarrhea

Dosage and administration

In all cases 15CH dilution, 3 granules 3 times a day.

Who is Kalium Chloratum recommended for

The subject Kalium chloratum has a milky-white color, has a whitish root of the tongue. His stools are very clear and he suffers from constipation.

Appetite is reduced and he is dizzy. He never breaks the rules, he does not compromise, he does not know the middle ground, he fears all that he cannot control, diseases, the future.

People who need the remedy are excellent counselors, they always manage to provide wise and judicious suggestions, only with themselves this does not work. Indolent, taciturn, restless, they are indifferent to any pleasure.


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