Lachesis in homeopathy (all you need to know)

Lachesis in homeopathy (all you need to know)

Lachesis, obtained from the venom of a South American snake, is a homeopathic remedy useful for the health of the nervous system. Let’s find out better.

The homeopathic remedy Lachesis is obtained from the venom of the snake Lachesis mutus subjected to dilutions and dynamizations in a hydroalcoholic solution. Lachesis mutus is a large venomous snake belonging to the Viperidae family that lives in the forests of Central and South America.

It is also known as Dumb Rattlesnake or Terror of the Woods and in Brazil as Surucuc├╣. This very fearsome reptile, very aggressive, prefers to live along the waterways of wooded areas, camouflaged in the vegetation, where it awaits the hours of sunset to hunt its prey, which are generally small mammals.

Its poison has a very complex chemical composition and is made up of several distinct classes of toxins responsible, more or less, for devastating activities on the nervous and vascular systems.

When using Lachesis

Lachesis is a constitutional homeopathic remedy, typically feminine. Its sphere of action mainly affects the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the female genital system, but also the digestive system, the respiratory system, the skin, the mucous membranes. In homeopathy it is considered one of the best remedies against menopause and alcoholism disorders. In general it is used for:

  • disorders of the nervous system, depression, excitement, and nervousness; excessive sensory perception, extreme sensitivity to touch, jealousy, guilt, restless sleep with nightmares and distressing dreams, headache, tremors, leg weakness and dizziness
  • dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system, palpitations, tachycardia, hypertension, haemorrhages, varices, haemorrhoids
  • dysfunction of the female genital systemmenopausal disorders, hot flashes, nervousness, irritability, depression, irregular menstruation, pain and dysmenorrhea
  • digestive system disorders, gastritis, swollen abdomen, abdominal spasms, constipation, diarrhea, consequences of alcohol abuse
  • respiratory system disorders, difficulty in breathing and choking, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, cough, laryngitis, bronchitis
  • dry skin with boils, alopecia, sores, ulcers
  • irritated, inflamed mucous membranes, conjunctivitis

Dosage and administration

For all cases, 6CH dilution, 3 granules 3-6 times a day.

Who Lachesis is recommended to

Christopher Murray, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Lachesis type on the mental plane presents an alternation of excitement and depression almost always on a daily basis. At night he has a restless sleep, full of nightmares and distressing dreams.

Also from a temperamental point of view it presents the same bipolarity, passing from the nature of shy, reserved, to attitudes of great reactivity and aggression. He talks a lot and continuously, he is intolerant to physical contact, in particular he is disturbed by clothing that is too tight.

His sensory perception is at the highest levels, with excessive sensitivity to light, noise, smells, heat. The cardiovascular system is one of the weak points of the subject, while the digestive system is afflicted by a series of inflammatory disorders.

The subject has a congested face, with cheekbones and nose that have a purplish color due to an excess of vascularization, in contrast to the cyanotic lips. The skin is dry and sensitive, the mucous membranes are irritated, the respiratory system can suffer from bronchitis with a dry cough.


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