Lemon balm mother tincture: preparation, properties, benefits and use

The mother tincture of lemon balm acts as an antispasmodic on muscle tension, meteorism, sedative in case of anxiety and insomnia. Let’s find out better.

Properties of the mother tincture of lemon balm

The leaves of Melissa officinalis contain essential oils (geranial, neral, citronellal, geraniol, linaiolo, limonene, alpha and beta pinene, beta caryophyllene, cubebene, copaene, eugenol acetate), polyphenolic acids (rosmarinic, caffeic, protocatechic, chlorogenic), flavonoids (luteolin-7glucoside, rhamnazine, apigenin, isoquercitrin, cosmosiin, ramnocitrin) and triterpenes (ursolic acid, oleanolic acid). 

The essential oils in addition to giving a pleasant aroma and the flavor of lemon, give the plant an antispasmodic, anti- inflammatory and carminative action, calming the nervous system, and relaxing on the muscle.

The mother tincture of lemon balm is used in the treatment of headache, when it is caused by nervous tension. Its use is particularly indicated, in the presence of a picture of general irritability, insomnia caused by excessive fatigue; premenstrual syndrome and  menstrual pains; tachycardia  and palpitations on a functional basis; anxiety with somatization of the gastrointestinal system; neuralgia; digestive disturbances, nausea, bloating, abdominal cramps, irritable bowel; nervousness and hyper arousal.

Description of the plant

Lemon balm grows wild in southern Europe and western Asia. In Italy it can be found along hedges and in shady areas. Perennial herbaceous with a bushy habit, with horizontal rhizome and stem (80 cm) branched at the base, quadrangular and hairy. The leaves are petiolate, hairy oval, with a toothed margin and furrowed by numerous veins.

The flowers, at first yellowish-white in color, then take on light pale pink shades; they have the shape of a campanulate chalice. The corolla, also tubular, has the lower lip divided into three lobes with the central one larger than the two lateral ones.

How to prepare the mother tincture of lemon balm

The “drug” (part used) corresponds to the leaves, collected in late spring-summer, before flowering. The fresh plant is used, as it loses most of its properties when dried. The mother tincture of lemon balm is prepared with a drug: solvent weight ratio of 1:10 and an alcohol content of 55% vol


The mother tinctures have no contraindications other than those of the plant itself, diluted in a little water they can be administered to everyone, the alcohol contained in them is thus diluted, so it is harmless

Internal use: 20 drops in a little water three times a day after meals. As a relaxing 30-40 drops in the evening before bedtime.

Mother tinctures

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