Lemon Essence: properties, benefits, uses

Lemon essence : properties, natural remedies and benefits. Differences between lemon essence and essential oil. Where to buy it and how to use it.

The essential oils as well as essences, can be used orally, by means of fumigations, for environmental diffusion or for dermal application. The lemon essence, for internal use, is recommended for its diuretic properties however, we do not recommend the use of any essential oil orally because some active ingredients, if not well emulsified, can have contraindications and side effects. To take advantage of the diuretic effects of lemon, you can make the most of the properties of its juice. In this context, we refer you to the article on the benefits of water and lemon; drinking lemon water is a highly recommended practice with multiple benefits.

Differences between essences and essential oils

Before going on with the properties of lemon essence, let’s immediately clarify the difference and the meaning of the terms “essence” and “essential oil”.

The essence constitutes the whole of the various chemical constituents present in the organelles of the plant, in its organs of synthesis, collection and secretion, that is to say in the “fruits”. Essential oil defines exactly the same group of substances but when these are extracted from other parts of the plant such as flowers, leaves and bark.

Generally, the production of essences involves the cold pressing technique, on the contrary, the production of essential oils involves techniques such as steam distillation and in some cases of effleurage with solvents. In other words, talking about essences or essential oils is almost the same thing.

The meaning of the two terms is useful in some cases, when more essential oils are obtained from the same plants. To give the example of orange, when we talk about the essence of orange we refer to the essential oil obtained by cold pressing the orange peel. On the contrary, if we are talking about essential oil of orange, if the term is used without different clarifications, we will refer to the essential oil obtained with the steam distillation technique of the leaves of the same plant. In this article, we will also refer to the essence of lemon with the term lemon essential oil, in both cases we refer to those sets of chemical compounds obtained by cold pressing of the lemon peel.

Lemon essence, properties and uses

Lemon essence properties :

  • calming
  • antiseptics
  • toning
  • purifying
  • purifying
  • lightening properties
  • deodorants

The antiseptic power can be used to counteract bad breath with disinfectant gargling. The same gargles with lemon essence are useful for preventing and counteracting gingivitis and stomatitis problems. To make the rinses you will only need 10 drops of lemon essence diluted in water to mix thoroughly before use. The lemon essence is obtained from the fruit of Citrus Limonum, a plant belonging to the Rutacea family. Thanks to its purifying, toning and draining properties, it is very useful for massages and anti-cellulite  treatments  while its calming properties make it useful against anxiety and nervousness.

To counteract cellulite, lemon essence can be used in combination with avocado oil or sweet almond oil in a 6% dilution. In other words, for every 20ml of vegetable oil (whether almond or avocado), you will need to add 12ml of lemon essence.

This ointment will exert a stimulating action on the circulatory system and will help to thin the blood by improving its circulation to the most superficial layers of the skin so as to counteract the imperfections of cellulite. Due to the same property, it also has benefits for the treatment of edema, varicose veins, fragile capillaries, chilblains and problems related to poor circulation such as heavy legs syndrome.

Where to buy lemon essence

Lemon essence can be bought in all herbalists, it is a very popular essential oil therefore easy to find and cheap. To get the best prices it is possible to take advantage of online trading where the competition is higher.

Regardless of where you buy the lemon essence and its price, make sure it is a 100% pure and unadulterated product. In aromatherapy, the effectiveness of a treatment depends entirely on the quality of the product used.

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