Light Frequency Essences, Australian essences

The Light Frequency Essences are part of the repertoire of Australian Bush flower essences and are spiritual essences, still little known and little used by us. Spiritual essences are a real spiritual path, of deepening oneself and one’s own spiritual research and evolution.  

Along with the Light Frequency Essences, which work at the level of our divine essence or ‘Higher Self’, there are also the White Light Essences, for healing and cleansing at the soul level. Let’s find out what the Light Frequency Essences are. 

What are the Light Frequency Essences 

Ian White regards Light Frequency Essences as the most powerful Essences. These essences work on a very deep level helping the Spirit to attain Wisdom.

They favor the rebalancing and integration of the divine parts, the Masculine with the Feminine, present in each of us. According to White, thanks to this process, the connection with the Earth and Nature will be increased so as to maintain a balance even during the spiritual and environmental changes that are taking place around us.

Preparation of Light Frequency Essences 

Put 7 drops of the Essence in a 15ml vial (or 14 drops in 30ml), with two thirds of pure water and one third of brandy, as a preservative. 

How to use

Take 7 drops morning and evening under the tongue for a minimum of two weeks. It is advisable to take each essence alone, not simultaneously with other White Light or Bush Flower Essences. 

Light Frequency Essences: Antarctic Essence

The fundamental aspect of this essence is that it allows to acquire the awareness of what is necessary in life and in unforeseen situations. Its use promotes an extraordinary calm, peace, tranquility helping us to ignore the non-essential things in life. 

The purity of Antarctica helps to rediscover our inner essence, our deepest spirituality, and to eliminate what does not allow access to it.  

Antartic Essence helps us to go deeper without being distracted by external events, allowing us to know the true nature of things. If you are too distracted, it will help to regain the lost harmony

Another aspect of this essence is the ability to reveal aspects of ourselves that are deep and hidden, and helps to dissolve ingrained patterns and beliefs.

It also allows you to find balance and tranquility to face the evolution of your life, showing us the right direction to follow, giving us openness and encouraging great changes.

Antartic Essence and Artic Essence work best when they are taken one at a time. It is highly recommended that Antartic Essence be used before Artic Essence. 

Light Frequency Essences: Artic Essence

Antartic Essence and Artic Essence work best when they are taken one at a time. It is recommended to use Antartic Essence first and then Artic Essence.

Artic will thus favor the liberation of our inner potential to allow us to see the purity of the light that penetrates inside us through Antartic Essence, releasing that energy that was the patrimony of our interiority, waiting to be activated.

This new light will give us new vitality, strength and spiritual awareness by freeing our subconscious from any inhibition.

Through this inner light we can change and restore the balance of the electromagnetic frequency, allowing it to harmonize with all the changes and energetic transformations of the Earth. 

Both essences cooperate to achieve the union of the intimate essence between earth and light, understood as light as absolute vitality. Through Antartic Essence we reach the luminous energy and it prepares the Art Essence that keeps alive the strength of the vitality reached with the light.

Artic Essence allows an inner evolution that raises our spirit to the beauty of the light that is within us, a potential that is part of the evolution of the soul and of the planetary being. Artic allows to bring the soul back to a state of innocence and helps to activate reason and purity with greater depth. 

Glaciers crumble the obstacles they encounter along the way, pulverizing impurities and bringing debris to the surface, thus Artic allows you to recover your innocence and purity. Artic Essence allows us to get what we need, to regain vitality, to live a luminous life with joy and happiness. 

Light Frequency Essences: Amazon Essence 

One of the main aspects of Amazon Essence is the ability to make the person aware, tuned and prepared for the great changes that are taking place in Nature. It allows to stimulate the human brain to a more articulated functioning, making the senses capable of new perceptions, understandings and interpretations of the ancient primordial energies released by the strength of rocks, waters, trees and from the depths of the Earth. This remedy allows us to align with these powerful energies and teaches us to recognize this new language of Nature. 

This process will release a large amount of primordial and unknown to us knowledge, energies and information released from the Earth. This is what the new changes will bring about in the evolution of humanity. Even during the Age of Atlantis, the Realm of the Elements was perceived at the level of awareness, but the energetic connection was very weak. This essence fortifies the connection between the Elements and the natural world. 

It also allows access to the awareness that lies behind a discomfort, stimulating the understanding of the problem and identifying the solution without being overwhelmed. It allows you to live life positively without being affected emotionally and mentally. In this condition, the person creates around himself an energy of love and acceptance, feelings towards which humanity is currently being directed.

Amazon allows the female part to integrate into each of us, bringing calm and thoughtfulness to the male part, which represents the celebration of life itself, joy, vitality and enthusiasm. Activates the innate will to appreciate, respect and protect life ; it allows you to live in communication with yourself, bringing benefits to the mind. 

The Amazon and China essences work hand in hand, the effect of one is enhanced by the other. Both allow us to go beyond problems, anchor and integrate the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine and help us powerfully connect with Nature and the Earth.

Light Frequency Essences: China Essence

Essenza China was created in Hangzhou, an ancient capital of China with a history of over 8000 years, in the region of the Lingyin Buddhist Temple (Temple of the Retreat of the Soul). In 1290 Marco Polo, overwhelmed by the beauty of the lake located west of Hangzhou, wrote: “In Heaven there is Paradise, on Earth there is Hangzhou”. In the area of ​​this lake and on the ground of the Temple, you can experience the serenity and calm that represent the true essence of China: an excellent alternative to noise and congestion, as well as to the enormous pollution of Chinese cities. One of the most important qualities of this essence is the fact of favoring the reconnection to the ancient spirituality of the Feminine of the earth. China is traditionally, but still today, the best representative of this aspect, as much as the current greed, cruelty and destruction of its culture and its ancestral roots. Both Amazon and China Essences work hand in hand to balance the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. Love, Light and Respect, Ian

Essenza China is aimed not only at rebalancing the massive destruction, degradation and pollution of the environment that are taking place in China, but also at cultural pollution, understood as the loss of ancestral knowledge of ancient traditions. The Earth is experiencing a moment of profound sadness in China, but these problems, extremely alive in that region, are also widespread in other cultures. This essence represents an opening of the heart that can heal, at a deep level up to touching the soul, pains and sorrows due to the loss of connection with the Spirit and the origins. 

China is traditionally a country of great peace and for this reason it is considered the greatest representative of the divine energy of the Feminine that symbolizes that profound serenity that goes beyond material difficulties. These qualities, however, have been hidden by stratifications due to conquests, endurance, the current state of materialism and adoration of money. This Essence helps to achieve a state of peace and calm , to align with the Feminine Spirituality of the Earth and strengthen our connection with the Spirit.

When both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are present in equal measure, men and Earth reach a state of balance. If the Divine Feminine is missing, humanity loses the natural rhythm of life. Without the peaceful and serene presence of one of the two, the other becomes more active, more industrious, brazen and unbalanced. The Amazon and China essences work together, the effect of one is enhanced by the other. Both allow us to go beyond problems , anchor and integrate the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine and help us powerfully connect with Nature and the Earth.

Essence China is a balm for the anxieties of the soul, it also helps to forgive oneself, a fundamental step to let go of the sense of guilt and karma, an attitude that can favor true love. It is therefore indicated in these times of changes in the frequency of the Earth, which make us experience the feeling of not being able to “hold up” and experience incredible pressure.  

Light Frequency Essences: Lake Baikal Essence

Lake Baikal still retains the characteristic energy of ancient civilizations, of the period in which Earth and humanity flowed entirely and clearly from the stillness and serenity of their heart which was one with the Divine. Lake Baikal gives you access to this uncorrupted tranquility.

The remedy captures the original energetic essence of Lake Baikal and generates confidence in life, calm and acceptance of the changes that are coming to us. This Essence is particularly appropriate in these times as it is able to accelerate understanding and opening up to the new energies of aggregation, global unity, balance and harmony, that is, all that will help us intensely in the changes that are occurring at every level around us. Lake Baikal Essence helps each of us to find, within ourselves, the point of balance between the Divine Masculine and the Feminine. 

Baikal Essence for men

Over time, the emotional body of the “male” has compressed, losing its elasticity and ¬ fluidity: it has imprinted on itself the order to “control” and “control” one’s feelings. This exasperated form of control can lead to violent manifestations and various problems such as, for example, heart disease. Baikal allows the connection between man and his intuitive power by helping him to perceive and express his emotions, that is the female part, promoting a sense of serenity and awareness of being oneself.

Baikal Essence for women

Baikal helps the woman to find her Yang, masculine side and her power, the power of Love and creation. She is not imitating the male model or trying to be like a man that the woman will find her Yang back to her, but by coming into contact with her own feminine, she will naturally enrich her masculine her.

Light Frequency Essences: Madagascar Essence

Madagascar was prepared in the Ankarana Special Reserve, in the far north of the island. It is a place of astounding beauty, still totally unspoiled today, considered one of the jewels of Madagascar and characterized by an energy of incredible calm and peace. Madagascar separated geographically from Africa 165 million years ago. Thanks to this isolation, this land is today an explosion of many exotic animal and plant species with bizarre characteristics, including lemurs and chameleons. Madagascar was colonized just 2000 years ago by Malaysian sailors. It is a country where traditionally people were particularly predisposed to nightlife. This can explain the great kindness and serenity that reside in this land and among this population, unlike the neighboring inhabitants of Africa. The population of Madagascar, the Malagasy, is made up of about 2 million individuals and includes 17 tribes. There is cooperation between these different tribes characterized by harmony, tolerance and tranquility. “Madagascar Essence” reflects this aspect and helps to make contact with kindness and harmony by promoting relationships with other human beings, animals and the earth. However, his greatest gift is to allow himself to detach himself from common thought and from his predisposition to malaise and illness. With Love, Light and Respect, Ian “Madagascar Essence” reflects this aspect and helps to make contact with kindness and harmony by promoting relationships with other human beings, animals and the earth. However, his greatest gift is to allow himself to detach himself from common thought and from his predisposition to malaise and illness. With Love, Light and Respect, Ian “Madagascar Essence” reflects this aspect and helps to make contact with kindness and harmony by fostering relationships with other human beings, animals and the earth. However, his greatest gift is to allow himself to detach himself from common thought and from his predisposition to malaise and illness. With Love, Light and Respect, Ian”

The most important rebalancing aspect of Madagascar Essence is its ability to help eradicate the disease by promoting the removal of the limiting beliefs that orbit around the concept of health and well-being that the human being receives from collective thought. An example of this is the belief that over the years our mind and body age, and that our life expectancy cannot exceed 70 years. This has become a limiting conditioning concretely rooted in collective thinking: we have forgotten that reaching 70 means being roughly halfway through man’s natural life cycle. 

Each is influenced by the collective thought, of which it is a part, already at the moment of conception. Even illness, be it physical, emotional or mental, is the result of the collective participation in common thought. Our thoughts, emotional reactions and beliefs, all aspects that can create illness, come mainly from our connection with common thought or are strongly influenced by it. Man has moved away from the original design model that wanted him to be in balance and in harmony with nature, animals and his neighbor; he thus created sickness, alienation, collective thinking and imbalance.

There are many methods to cure diseases, but before intervening and, for the method used to be totally effective, the predisposition to the disease must be eradicated. This essence balances the tendency to develop the disease and with the use of other targeted remedies for the energy situation related to the specific disease, it can favor its resolution. Once the predisposition to illness has been overcome, it is necessary, in order to avoid falling back into the same problem, to keep away from methodologies and philosophies that impose rigid dogmas and that inhibit the person from representing himself with his own individuality and with his own capacity for understanding and knowledge.

Removing the tendency to disease creates an inner spirituality, a space of peace, harmony and balance, capable of allowing perfect alignment with the universe, thanks to which all things are possible. This is how the possibility of choice comes true, without conditioning. This removal “cleans” the first three chakras, allowing a flow of energy to the higher chakras: this favors the union with the universal essence, activating the highest potential of every aspect of the person.

Light Frequency Essences: Mount Pinatubo Essence

The seventh and final Light Frequency Essence was prepared on the shores of the volcanic lake, formed on the crater of Mount Pinatubo, 90 km north of Manila in the Philippines. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo, in June 1991, was the second largest of the twentieth century. Over 5 billion cubic meters of ash and debris, ejected at an impressive speed, were thrown into the atmosphere reaching a height of 34 km. The eruption killed more than 800 people and around 100,000 were homeless. Mt Pinatubo Essence helps to connect with the deep throbbing of the Earth and allows you to be “in the right place and at the right time”, anchored and centered in a time of important Earth changes. With love, light and respect, Ian.

The Mount Pinatubo Essence gives the necessary security that allows you to throw away the mask of fear and conformity to show yourself and shine in the full light of your being; favors an attitude of total availability in sharing one’s uniqueness, making one’s contribution to the Universe. 

The deep knowledge of the self increases the awareness of one’s path and how to accomplish it. Representing oneself in a way that differs from what one really is, can constitute barriers that take us away from the path to reach the purpose for which we are in this life, that is, the complete realization of oneself. Such knowledge gives the confidence to affirm: “this is who I am”, “this is what is important to me”, “this is what I will focus on”. Change brings with it new insights and new achievements. 

Mt. Pinatubo Essence fosters connection with the pulsating vibration of the Earth and with future events, allowing us to know where we need to be and what is safe for us. It helps us to remain grounded and aligned with our inner wisdom. The Essence creates the willingness to get out of one’s blocks, favoring the flow of cosmic forces in our interiority.

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