Medicinal mushrooms against poisoning

Medicinal mushrooms can be useful in case of poisoning, whether they are food or due to toxic substances, thanks to their antioxidant, immunostimulating and organic and immune system support properties. Let’s find out better.

Causes and types of intoxication

The causes of poisoning can be of various kinds, from food to a poison or any other toxic substance (e.g. heavy metals), from an exaggerated quantity of alcohol ingested, from any other emotional stimulation or hyperexcitability, from food containing bacteria or viruses, from drugs or hard drugs.

The intoxications can also be divided according to the origin of the altering factor and can be of exogenous origin, that is of external origin to the organism, for example a carbon monoxide poisoning, or of an endogenous nature that is of internal origin to the organism , for example in the case of azotemia.

Still the intoxication can be acute or chronic, or it can be a short but very intense intoxication with various symptoms or the subject can become intoxicated with small doses of a substance but prolonged over time causing various symptoms of malaise even if not immediate.

Mycotherapy against intoxications

As we know, mushrooms have multiple organic support properties , modulate the immune system by supporting it, act as powerful antioxidants, have immunostimulating properties, are part of the treatment of metabolic pathologies (e.g. diabetes), are anticancer, and last but not least have detoxifying properties of the most important organs. important parts of our body.

Some of them in fact carry out a purifying action both draining and detoxifying, nourishing the deficient organs and eliminating the toxin load of them.

When there is an intoxication or when the body is too loaded with toxins and is unable to expel them, acting by detoxifying the most important internal organs is my way to regain well-being, health by strengthening the whole organism. The toxins in the body can cause in the long run, if not immediately, serious problems for the individual, forcing the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines to carry out further and onerous work.

What mushrooms to use for detoxification

After a work of land, which will increase the assimilation of the important active principles and substances contained in mushrooms, the most important and most suitable for this problem can be used.

The ABM is very rich in many important minerals including iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, potassium and sodium etc., and last but not least the vitamins of group B and vitamin D. it acts in purification of the organism and as a powerful antioxidant.

The Coprino in addition to its action of regularization of metabolic waste is able to regularize intestinal peristalsis and is therefore useful in case of hemorrhoids, which are a secondary emunctory used by the liver when it is in a state of overload.

Shiitake contains all the essential amino acids, but also eritadenine, a unique amino acid that is believed to have a cholesterol-lowering and arteriosclerosis prevention effect, a protective action on the liver by promoting the formation of antibodies against hepatitis B, also fights some fungal infections such as candida as it acts on the intestine by promoting the formation of a good intestinal bacterial flora. It is therefore very useful in normalizing the intestinal function, which is essential for the elimination of organic toxins.

Poliporus is an excellent diuretic and above all a potassium saver, through this net saving and diet protects the kidney and promotes good physiological functioning. It improves the bone structure, hair and nails and promotes their growth and also tends to preserve collagen, which is also very useful in constipation and therefore excellent for eliminating toxins and not only kidney overload.

Last but not least, the Cordyceps which works on the liver in detoxification in an excellent way and is of support in slowing down the evolution of liver cirrhosis, greatly improving the functionality of this important organ. It increases not only physical but also mental endurance and is a very important cellular oxygenator.

Indications on the use of medicinal mushrooms

Always contact a professional in the sector who will be able to indicate the type of mushroom or the best mushrooms to use will be evaluated according to the subject and its constitution. Furthermore, he will have to do some ground work first to ensure an excellent action of medicinal mushrooms on the whole organism.


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