Medicinal mushrooms for allergy: which ones to use

Medicinal mushrooms give excellent results in the treatment of different types of allergy. They are useful, in fact, for seasonal allergies such as allergic rhinitis (the classic hay fever ), pollen allergy, with nasal discharge and nickel allergy, which many suffer from today. Let’s find out which mushrooms to use.

Causes of allergy and treatments

Allopathic Medicine treats allergies with cortisone or antihistamines whose side effects are well known.

Natural Medicine, on the other hand, offers groundwork, detoxification and rebalancing of the immune system which in these cases is very reactive.

In fact, we know that allergic asthma is a disorder that occurs due to allergic causes (hypersensitivity to pollen, dust, mites, animal hair) and that in full asthma crisis, histamine is released, which is a chemical mediator of inflammation, which it contracts the muscular tissue of the bronchi and thus accentuates the respiratory crisis causing cough and lack of oxygen.

The respiratory system, due to the strong inflammation, produces more mucus, further complicating breathing. Let’s not forget how much affects the emotional side that causes this and that produces strong stress on the subject and those around him.

There are many remedies that can help in case of allergy, one above all the Ribes Nigrum, but today we know that there are much more powerful natural discoveries that act in depth, preventing these problems.

What medicinal mushrooms to use

Among the natural discoveries that act in depth in the treatment of allergies, there are medicinal mushrooms and in particular:

  • REISHI :   also known as the mushroom of immortality.
  • CORDYCEPS : improves  sexual function.
  • SHIITAKE :  Contains all essential amino acids and is rich in vitamin D.
  • MAITAKE :  it is also known for its ability to  regulate blood sugar.
  • HERICIUM : used for its  healing , anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties.

Their properties

The first two have inflammatory, antihistamine and anxiety-regulating properties, Cordyceps in particular re-oxygenates the lungs. In TCM it has always been used for the treatment of asthma and other bronchial affections and supports the Reishi in the psycho-emotional anxiety-producing action.

The Shiitake treats the intestine and restores the intestinal bacterial flora, the Maitake has a strong action on the immune system, finally the Hericium also acts on the nervous system, on the axis of stress, anxiety, melancholy, but also on the deficit of memory.

The type of mushroom or the best mushrooms to use will be evaluated according to the subject and its constitution. Furthermore, a ground work must be done first to ensure an excellent action of medicinal mushrooms on the whole organism.


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