Medicinal mushrooms for constipation: which ones and when to take them

Medicinal mushrooms are useful against constipation because they have a healthy effect on the intestine, are natural laxatives and perform an action mainly on the nervous system, relaxing the contracted muscles of the colon. Let’s find out better.

Description and causes of constipation

Constipation is a malfunction of the intestine originating from various factors, some still unknown, characterized by difficulty in evacuating stool, insufficient defecation, infrequent or irregular defecation, or a sensation of incomplete rectal emptying. It is estimated that about 10% of the population of industrialized countries chronically suffer from this disorder.

Alterations of enzymes, flora, digestive pH and intestinal mucosa affect health, not only in the intestine, but also at a distance in any part of the body; so constipation can lead to skin, heart, respiratory problems, hemorrhoids, insomnia.

The intestine, if it is not clean and healthy, is found to produce pre-carcinogenic substances and toxins. This is because the lack of evacuation keeps toxins in our organism that instead should be expelled normally through the intestine and when this is slowed down or atone, these remain and create intoxication.

It is common to take natural or chemical laxatives that involve violent and involuntary expulsion of stool from the intestine. This over the years can lead to intestinal atony or a bowel without any bowel movement and inflammation of the transit and of the organ itself. It is  therefore good also in Natural Medicine to avoid the use of laxatives, albeit natural, but instead work on a causal level on what led to constipation.

In fact, its causes can be various starting certainly in primis from the diet, from a lack of physical activity, drink a lot of water and not least from a nervous system in equilibrium; as we know in fact the intestine is our second brain and depending on the level of anxiety stress etc … it will have a greater or lesser transit causing constipation or colitis.

Medicinal mushrooms for constipation

Auricularia, Reishi, Shiitake and Hericium are certainly the first mushrooms to be taken into consideration in case of constipation.

In constipation , Auricularia frees the intestine with the laxative efficacy of a purgative, without having the side effects of laxatives. The auricularia, in fact, empties the intestine because it acts on the key points of intestinal function, in a natural and complete way and is unrivaled in healthy intestinal emptying and without any discomfort in one evacuation per day.

Certainly it is good to combine the Auricularia with the functions of Reishi on the  intestine: this will carry out its action mainly on the nervous system by relaxing the contracted muscles of the colon, which causes the blocking of the evacuations, promotes intestinal movement of the intestine and in the expulsion, they also resolve that you have intestinal pain, which the intestine has when it is blocked and swollen.

Both are rich in fibers which partly help the composition of the volume necessary for expulsion and which above all nourish intestinal bacteria. Reishi also has anti-inflammatory properties and works very well on strongly irritated and inflamed intestines.

Shiitake is a full-fledged intestinal probiotic and prepares the intestine by creating a proliferating ground for intestinal bacterial flora. Contains Trehalose which is the growth factor of intestinal bacteria.

One study showed that people taking Shitake directly stimulated the growth of the intestinal flora of their intestines and obtained the inhibition of harmful enzymes produced by pathogenic intestinal bacteria β-glucosidase, β-glucuronidase, and tryptophanase. which hinder its growth. For this reason, Shiitake is considered an important factor in protecting the health of the intestine.

The fibers nourish only the healthy intestinal bacterial flora and the terpenoids and beta-glucans, which are antimicrobial active, attack and eliminate only the pathogenic bacterial flora.

The fibers of which the Healing Mushrooms are rich are Prebiotics, that is, they nourish and restore the natural healthy bacterial flora of the intestine, which is often a very common cause on which to prevent to defend or restore this delicate balance that nutrition, sedentary life etc. very often harm. So there is an interesting synergy in mushrooms between nourishment and antimicrobial action, with the result that the intestine needs: an intestinal bacterial flora, which develops in a healthy and balanced way.

Hericium is the fungus of the digestive system and the nervous system, for a healthy intestine you need a good intestinal bacterial flora, which develops in a healthy and balanced way. This fungus also has prebiotic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the gastric system, its action goes from the esophagus to the anus, balances the intestinal bacterial flora by nourishing it, flames the mucous membranes, healing them and thus correcting intestinal permeability situations (Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, malabsorption diseases, Helicobacter Pylori). It acts on the nervous system on the axis of stress, anxiety, melancholy, but also on memory deficits and reduced concentration.


Always contact a professional in the sector who will be able to indicate the type of mushroom or the best mushrooms to use will be evaluated according to the subject and its constitution. Furthermore, he will have to do some ground work first to ensure an excellent action of medicinal mushrooms on the whole organism.


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