Mother tincture of Echinacea: properties, benefits, uses

Echinacea mother tincture : properties, uses, applications and all the information on the mother tincture extracted from the botanical species Echinaea angustifolia or Echinacea purpurea.

The mother tincture is a herbal extract obtained from the maceration or percolation of plant tissues placed in suitable solvents. The mother tincture of echinacea is prepared starting from the botanical species Echinacea angustifolia or Echinacea purpurea, in any case it has the same properties.

The mother tincture of echinacea is popular for its protective properties: it is used to prevent infection and speed healing.

Mother tincture of echinacea, properties

The general “protective properties” of the mother tincture of echinacea are to be connected to the abundance of flavonoids and other active ingredients designed to improve our immune defenses. Echinacea manages to stimulate and strengthen our immune system by promoting natural healing against various bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In addition to fighting colds and improving the immune system, the mother tincture of echinacea is used to relieve tension, prevent anxiety and physical and mental stress.

The properties of Echinacea are linked to the high content of flavonoids (luteolin, kaempferol, quercetin, apigenin …), to the derivatives of caffeic acid, polyenes, alkylamides, chicory and other active ingredients capable of carrying out an antibiotic and bacteriostatic action. The combined presence of the aforementioned caffeic acid, in combination with chicoric acid, ensures an antiviral action such as to hinder the penetration of viruses into healthy cells.

The use of the mother tincture of echinacea for internal use  would seem recommended for those who have a tendency to contract diseases of the oral cavity or urinary tract (cystitis).

Mother tincture of echinacea for internal use

To make the mother tincture of echinacea, all parts of the plant are used (seeds, flowers and roots), a maceration and extraction process with or without alcohol is used; it can be used both pure and diluted in other preparations and must be used both for internal use and for external use.


For internal use it is always advisable to read the information sheet attached to the product. In general, the doses range from 30 to 40 drops dissolved in a little water, to be taken three times a day and always on an empty stomach.

This dosage is recommended for the prevention of colds, flu states, sore throats and typical ailments of the winter season. The dosages recommended to combat infections vary according to the circumstances, which is why it is advisable to rely on a specialist for the methods and indications for use.

Mother tincture of echinacea for internal use

It is possible to prepare lotions and ointments for skin care. Echinacea mother tincture preparations can be useful for accelerating epidermal regeneration in case of scars or infections. It can be useful for relieving dermatitis, canker sores and ulcers but, in the case of infections, its action is only an adjunct so it should be associated with a targeted treatment. Ointments containing 10% of echinacea mother tincture are useful for any type of ailment.

In addition to lotions and ointments, you can make simple localized compresses by impregnating sterile gauze with a few drops of echinacea tincture.


Against sore throat and oral cavity infection, you can perform rinses or gargles by dissolving 10 drops of  mother tincture of echinacea  in 15 ml of water.

Echinacea mother tincture, where to buy it

Where to buy echinacea mother tincture? The mother tincture of echinacea is easy to find both in herbalist shops and in shops specializing in the purchase and sale of natural products. Several products are also available in online ecommerce.

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