Mother tincture of Olive: preparation, properties, benefits and use

The mother tincture of olive tree is an excellent anti-cholesterol, antibacterial and anti-glycemic, useful for heart, pressure and arteries. Let’s find out better.

Properties of mother tincture of olive tree

The olive tree, or olive tree, is a plant native to Asian countries, which soon arrived in Europe, where it found favorable climatic conditions, especially in the Mediterranean basin. The parts used are the leaves, often dried and shredded, and the fruits.

The properties of the olive tree are linked to substances such as saturated and unsaturated fatty acids; triterpenes, flavonoids; oleuropein and elenoid. The leaves, which are used to make the mother tincture, have anti- glycemic and anti -cholesterol properties, help regulate blood pressure, lowering it, as they have a diuretic and vasodilating effect. In particular, it is the lactone glucosides (elenolide and oleuropein) which act as hypotensive and vasodilator.

The flavor of the mother tincture of olive can be defined as ariomatic-unripe.

Description of the plant

The olive tree is an evergreen plant belonging to the Oleaceae family, native to Asia Minor.

The tree is of medium size, very long-lived (it can live up to a thousand years) and with a twisted trunk; the opposite leaves are lanceolate, green and silvery in the lower part due to the presence of hairs.

The flowers are small and white and gathered in clusters; the fruit, the olive, is a small oval drupe, very rich in the well-known oil. Currently the olive tree is grown in many regions with a warm and temperate climate, especially in the Mediterranean basin, but also in America and Australia. The existence of numerous types of olive trees in cultivation in Italy is now recognized, it is estimated that there are more than 500 cultivated varieties, including leccino, casaliva, pisciottana, coratina, moraiolo biancolilla, frantoio, taggiasca, moresca, carolea, each with different characteristics that vary from place to place.

How to prepare the mother tincture of olive tree

The mother tincture of olive tree is a hydroalcoholic preparation obtained by cold maceration in hydroalcoholic solvent, obtained from fresh leaves.


The mother tincture of olive tree is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases connected with the kidney, bladder, liver and blood organs. The extract and mother tincture of olive leaves are also effective in fighting microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi (candida for example) and parasites (intestinal worms).

As already highlighted, mother tincture improves the condition of the arteries, improving their elasticity, promotes blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure and prevents the development of other forms of heart disease.

Relieves inflammation, especially related to rheumatoid arthritis, helps strengthen the body, fighting the action of free radicals; finally, it stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood, which can have positive consequences for those suffering from diabetes.

Generally we recommend a dosage of 30-50 drops twice a day, during or just after meals, obviously after consulting a doctor or specialist on the subject.

No particular contraindications were highlighted, except in relation to individual hypersensitivity. There have been some side effects of gastric irritation if taken between meals.

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