Mother tincture of Valerian: preparation, properties, benefits and use

Valerian mother tincture is used against anxiety and agitation, to promote sleep and relax naturally. Let’s find out better.

Properties of valerian mother tincture

Valerian is a plant rich in flavonoids and alkaloids. Useful for sleep disorders and anxiety, it is also perfect for treating irritable bowel.

The root of the plant, with its unmistakable unpleasant odor, contains essential oils (esters of valeric acid, esters of valeric acid, caryophyllene, terpinolene, valerenol, valerenal and diterpene compounds known as iridoids), some alkaloids (valerine, actinidin, cathinine and alpha-pyrrylketone) and flavonoids (linarin, 6-methylapigenin and hesperidin).

Due to the presence of these active ingredients, valerian has sedative, relaxing and hypno-inducing properties, that is, it promotes sleep. By reducing the time needed to fall asleep and improving its quality, valerian mother tincture is indicated for all sleep disorders, insomnia and anxiety.

Description of the plant

Valerian is a herbaceous and perennial plant belonging to the Valerianaceae family, with an erect stem and furrowed on the surface by grooves; fibrous roots emanating an unpleasant and penetrating odor; in optimal conditions it can reach heights greater than one meter.

The leaves are opposite and without stipules, with the petiole present only in the lower ones (the upper ones are sessile); all are composed and imparipinnate, consisting of 11-19 leaflets with whole or toothed lamina and a beautiful intense green color.

The slightly perfumed flowers are gathered to form a particular type of inflorescence called corymb; they are hermaphrodites, with reduced calyx and corolla with 5 petals, tubular and light pink in color. The fruit is a striated achene with feathery bristles deriving from the modification that the small teeth of the calyx undergo with maturation.

Their presence helps their dispersion by means of the wind. Native to the wooded regions of Europe and Asia, it is also widespread in North America and in the tropical South American regions. It prefers cool and humid environments, grows in shady meadows up to an altitude of 1400 meters.

How to prepare the mother tincture of valerian

The mother tincture of valerian is a hydroalcoholic preparation obtained by cold maceration in hydroalcoholic solvent, obtained from the flowery aerial top.


Valerian mother tincture is used against anxiety and insomnia, as it acts as a tranquilizer, natural relaxant, sedative, sleeping pill, but also as an analgesic, calming pain, spasms and convulsions; it also lowers blood pressure.

Its action affects the central nervous system and the vegetative one, in fact its properties are similar to those of the main tranquilizers or neuroleptics but, unlike these, they have no toxic effects.

The generally recommended use is 15-30 drops of mother tincture in a little water, about 30 minutes before going to bed, after consulting a doctor or specialist in order to evaluate individual cases.

Valerian can have some side effects, especially in case of continuous and prolonged use, causing headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, excitability. It is not recommended to take valerian both during pregnancy and breastfeeding and for children under the age of 6 years. Even when taking barbiturates or tranquilizers because the herb could enhance their action.

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