Natural treatment for reactive arthritis

Reactive arthritis is a complex disease because it has the problems of arthritis, although the person who suffers from it also has conditions in the urinary tract and in the eyes through different symptoms such as eye redness, the appearance of ulcers in the mouth and in skin and joint inflammation, among others.

Natural treatment for reactive arthritis with plants

There are many plants that are beneficial to health because they allow natural treatment to be followed, as is the case with reactive arthritis, to at least avoid some symptoms and improve the general condition. Among them, those with anti- inflammatory properties stand out because they allow to reduce the inflammation of the joints. The advantage, moreover, is that they are easy to use because they can be taken as an infusion as if it were a tea.

  • Harpagofito: is one of the most suitable plants to follow a natural treatment for reactive arthritis because it is considered the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Also known as devil’s claw, this plant, which has its origins in Africa, contains several active ingredients that are interesting to note, such as iridoids, phenylpropanes, triterpenoids and flavonoids. They are what make it anti-inflammatory, although they have many other interesting medical properties.
  • Liquorice: it is also very useful because it is also anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic. In fact, it is considered to be the natural cortisone, but without having to suffer from such annoying and unwanted side effects.
  • The willow: due to its salicin content, it is another great anti-inflammatory that helps to eliminate the pain that occurs in the joints.
  • Stinging nettle: although it may seem strange, it is beneficial for treating rheumatoid arthritis because the liquid it contains, which precisely causes itching, is effective in treating joint pain.
  • Horsetail: it is on this list because it is rich in mineral salts. When used for rheumatoid arthritis, its role as a stimulator of collagen synthesis is noteworthy, so that it helps rebuild cartilage. In addition, due to its silicon content, a continuous remineralization is produced that is beneficial for bone tissues. Other minerals it contains are key to improving the flexibility of the tendons, as well as to protect them.
  • Linden: can be useful to reduce joint inflammation caused by uric acid. In addition, it is relaxing, which is beneficial to calm the mood in the face of the discomfort and pain that can be experienced with this disease.

Natural treatments for external use

In addition to taking some plants or herbs in infusion, it is also possible to use them as an external treatment for reactive arthritis. Even some of those that we have mentioned, such as nettles, are used in both ways, since bathing with water from this plant is also beneficial for relieving all the symptoms of the disease.

But, in addition to it, there are other interesting plants such as chamomile, which is especially indicated for conditions that occur in the eyes. There is also the cat’s tail, which has anti- inflammatory properties.

Diet for reactive arthritis

Another natural way to treat reactive arthritis is through diet. On this occasion, priority must be given to all those foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium, as well as in Omega-3, because they are essential for bones, bone tissues and muscles. It is also good to take more fiber and vegetables because vitamins and minerals are needed, which are also found in nuts. On the contrary, all those foods rich in saturated fats, precooked food or industrial pastries, among others, should be avoided.

If it is not possible to follow this type of diet, the alternative is to take all of it through supplements, taking the opportunity to ingest collagen and hyaluronic acid at the same time, which are good for the joints. 


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