Naturally disinfect the bedroom

If you experience throat discomfort or eye irritation at night, or if you simply cannot sleep well, you may need to sanitize your bedroom. In this article we propose some natural remedies.

Naturally disinfecting the bedroom is essential to keep the environment healthy and to enjoy a regenerating rest. Very often we used to think that a good cleaning is enough, but this is usually not the case.

During the night, we spend several hours in the bedroom, so this is the ideal environment for the proliferation of microorganisms that can cause problems for our health.

As we well know, some bacteria, fungi and mites are resistant and continue to live and proliferate even if we clean deeply every day.

For this reason, it is necessary to disinfect to be able to eliminate them, as they are responsible for allergies in more than 10% of the population, according to this study published in the International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology . Also, people with asthma are very sensitive to this.

Naturally disinfecting the bedroom  is therefore recommended, especially in the presence of children or pets, as they are more sensitive to some agents contained in industrial products .

5 tips to naturally disinfect the bedroom

To get a good disinfection, you have to consider all the elements that are in the dormitory. This means that we cannot just tidy up our bed, but we must pay attention to all corners of the room.

At first glance you may not notice it, but day after day dust, mites and other allergens accumulate which can cause discomfort to our body and affect our rest. This is why it is important to take the time to clean and disinfect the bedroom.

1. Bedding

The first thing to consider is that you need to make your bed every day and wash your sheets at least once a week.

We also have to wash – but less frequently blankets, duvets, bedspreads and mattress covers, as particles, dirt and mites accumulate here too, which can damage our health.

Follow these tips to start disinfecting:

  • Wash the bed linen with neutral soaps.
  • Shake the blankets and pillows well.
  • Let the room air for at least 5 minutes.
  • Make your bed every day.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the particles. Regarding this point in particular, a University of Michigan study advises against dry vacuuming, as it can put the person in contact with many of the particles that are not vacuumed.

2. Naturally disinfect the mattress

The mattress absorbs a large amount of sweat that we release during the night and accumulates large amounts of dust . To disinfect it well, just apply a simple product that can be made at home.

The properties of the ingredients of this preparation make it potentially effective in this case. First, baking soda is able to clean surfaces and eliminate fungus. 

On the other hand, eucalyptus essential oil, the real “protagonist” of this natural solution, is an excellent acaricide . This is well explained in this study published in the Journal of Zhejiang University Science in 2006.


  • 1/2 cup of baking soda (125 g)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil (10 drops).


  • Pour the baking soda into a citole (125 g).
  • Add 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Mix well and let it rest for 5 minutes.


  • First, spread the prepared mixture on the mattress.
  • Then, let it sit for an hour.
  • After this time, inhale.
  • Finally, put on the mattress cover.

3. Curtains and windows

The curtains are very showy, they serve to decorate the room and also to protect from sunlight, covering the windows. Because they are so close to windows, they are prone to accumulating dust and absorbing it.

There, large quantities of earth and mites accumulate which we must eliminate. They need to be washed once a month and before putting them back in again, we need to clean the windows.

4. Naturally disinfect the bedroom: the floor

In addition to germs and bacteria, all the dirt inevitably settles on the floor. It is essential to disinfect it with non-aggressive products to obtain a clean and healthy environment.

To do this, follow these simple steps using two products you are sure to have at home. We will use vinegar, which helps eliminate fungi and bacteria, as stated in this study published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, and lemon juice, which gives a pleasant scent.


  • 1 bucket with warm water (3 liters).
  • Apple cider vinegar (10 ml).
  • Lemon juice (5 ml).


  • Mop or tea towel.
  • Vacuum cleaner or broom.


  • Fill the bucket with warm water and vinegar .
  • Add the lemon juice and mix well.
  • Completely submerge the mop or tea towel to make it soak well.


  • First, vacuum or sweep the floor thoroughly.
  • Then, wash the entire floor.
  • Finally, let it dry.

5. Purify the air with plants

Inside a room, the plants create a harmonious atmosphere , peace and well-being. But in addition to doing this, they act as air purifiers. You can place a small one in your room. The most recommended plants to purify the environment and to sleep better are:

  • The Jasmine.
  • Lavender.
  • The Gardenia.
  • The Cactus.
  • The Valerian.

Naturally disinfect the bedroom for better living

When we regularly disinfect our bedroom, we not only maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment, but also take care of our health

In summary, a clean, tidy and well-ventilated bedroom on a daily basis keeps some common health problems at bay and protects us, even while we sleep.

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