Neroli Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Neroli essential oil: properties, price, where to find it and all the information on the uses of the essential oil of bitter orange extracted from the flowers or essence of Neroli.

Neroli essential oil, also known as bitter orange essential oil, is extracted from the flowers of Citrus aurantium subs. Bitter, bitter orange. While the essential oil of sweet orange is extracted from the peel of the fruit, the essential oil of Neroli is produced from orange blossom and its use is widely used in the perfumery field.

The scent of neroli essential oil is sweet, honeyed, with slightly metallic and spicy facets. It is a less floral scent than the classic orange blossom. Orange blossom essential oil (proper bitter orange essential oil) is also extracted from the flowers of Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) but the difference between the two oils lies in the extraction process. The essential oil of Neroli is extracted by distillation in a current of steam while the essential oil of Zagara is extracted through an enfleurage process. A third essential oil is extracted from the bitter orange, known as Petitgtain essential oil. Petitgtain essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Citrus aurantium subs. Bitter.

Distinction between the types of Bitter Orange Essential Oil: to avoid confusion

  • Sweet orange essential oil is extracted from the peels of the fruit of the Citrus sinensis species.
  • Neroli essential oil is extracted from the bitter orange flowers of the species Citrus aurantium subs. Amara with steam distillation process.
  • Orange blossom essential oil is extracted from the bitter orange flowers of the species Citrus aurantium subs. Amara with an enfleurage process, i.e. with a cold extraction using a solvent.
  • Petitgtain essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Citrus aurantium subs. Bitter.

The properties of Neroli essential oil

Neroli essential oil is produced from the flowers of the species Citrus aurantium subs. Amara harvested by hand between late April and early May. For this reason, Neroli essential oil is priced slightly higher than other essential oils.

It is popular for its calming, rebalancing and regenerating properties. In aromatherapy it is used to soothe stress-related emotional disorders; used to combat menstrual pain, tachycardia, stress hypertension, anxiety, insomnia… Thanks to its calming properties it is useful in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders affecting the digestive system: nausea, digestive disorders, irritable bowel; according to the experts, the calming action is due to the effect on smooth and striated muscles, with massages it would be able to loosen muscle tension, useful in case of relaxing massages and to massage the belly in case of spasms, menstrual pain or bad digestion.

The regenerating properties are highly appreciated in the field of natural cosmetics: if on the one hand it perfumes the creams, on the other, the essential oil of Neroli promises to regenerate the cells. It is also indicated in case of sensitive and irritated skin. Recommended in the treatment of dry and parched skin, aged skin or to eliminate scars. It can be added to high-quality honey-based beauty masks. Among other properties, Neroli essential oil is also referred to as a mild sedative and hypnotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, digestive, eudermic, immune system stimulant and aphrodisiac.

How to take advantage of the properties of Neroli essential oil

For massages against muscle pain, menstrual pain or stomach cramps, it is recommended to dilute 3 drops of Neroli essential oil in a tablespoon of almond oil. The same oily solution can be used to massage on the sternum in case of stress, fears and emotional discomfort.

To relieve stress and anxiety, you can take an aromatic bath by adding 8 drops of Neroli essential oil and 8 drops of Lavender essential oil to the bath. To emulsify (at least in part) the oils in water, they must be added together with a large handful of sea salt.

In aromatherapy, just add 1 drops of Neroli essential oil for each square meter of the room to be perfumed. Due to its properties, Neroli essential oil is among the most suitable for spreading in the bedroom.

it may seem strange to you but… Neroli essential oil was counted among the ingredients of the secret (and jealously guarded) recipe of the legendary Coca-Cola drink.

Neroli essential oil, where to buy it

As stated, due to the particular production process and the particularity of the species Citrus aurantium subs. Amara, the price of Neroli essential oil is higher than other essential oils, it is also more difficult to find on the market. For the purchase recommend buying and selling online.

100% Pure Neroli Essential Oil
Price: 25 USD with free shipping. Bottle of 10 ml. Not a bad price if you consider that in shops the 2 ml bottle (when you find it) is offered at a price of around 20 USD.

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