Oil 31: properties, benefits, uses

Oil 31 is a natural product prepared with a synergistic blend of essential oils according to a Swiss recipe. Thanks to the properties of the essences that compose it, the oil 31 has anti- inflammatory, pain-relieving, balsamic and antibacterial action that make it an effective remedy to treat numerous ailments from muscular pain to menstrual ones, from dandruff to sore throat, up to vageinal inflammation.

Oil 31 is a natural product consisting of a blend of essential oils and herbs in vegetable oil that is prepared inspired by a Swiss recipe.

The oil 31 can be purchased in a herbalist’s shop or in a pharmacy, where it is possible to find quality products and directions for use. 

Composition and properties of oil 31

The ingredients of oil 31 vary slightly between the products on the market but among the essences contained in it we generally find those of:

  • Tea tree ;
  • mint ;
  • eucalyptus ;
  • Scots pine;
  • anise ;
  • fennel ;
  • rosemary ;
  • sage ;
  • thyme ;
  • lemon balm ;
  • lemongrass ;
  • sweet orange ;
  • lemon ;
  • cinnamon ;
  • nutmeg.

The essential oils present in oil 31 bring to this natural product properties:

  • Antiseptics;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesics;
  • expectorants;
  • tonics;
  • muscle relaxants;

 What oil is used for 31

Thanks to the synergy of the numerous essential oils present in oil 31, this product is used in the treatment of numerous disorders of the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

Oil 31 is also used for the treatment of:

  • Muscle and bone pains;
  • inflammation of the mouth;
  • inflammation of the genital tract.

It is a very versatile product with a thousand properties, which is always useful to have on hand to treat small ailments and health problems.

 Uses of oil 31

The uses of oil 31 are manifold. According to the symptom and the area of ​​the body to be treated, the oil 31 can be used to massage the face and body or a few drops can be added to the water for fumigations, or even to the tub or water for carry out foot baths.

 Benefits of oil 31

Oil 31 brings benefits to the respiratory system, muscles, skin and mucous membranes. In particular, localized applications with oil 31 are carried out for pimples, in the case of oily skin and hair, dermatitis, dandruff.

Chest and back massages, inhalations and fumigations with oil 31 are useful for colds and coughs.

Natural 31 oil aerosols are also great for sore throats, as are 31 oil gargles.

Gargle and rinses of the mouth with a few drops of oil 31 in warm water, also help to relieve affections to the oral mucosa and are also used for toothache and gum inflammation.

Localized massages with oil 31 are instead a remedy for back pain, against muscle fatigue and joint pain, for inflamed neck and head and neck pain.

Oil 31, taken orally (a drop on a sugar cube) or massaged on the abdomen, can also be useful in case of digestive problems such as feeling of fullness, bloating and abdominal pain, while leg massages can help in case of water retention and heaviness in the lower limbs. However, it is not a useful product for weight loss, but only for draining liquids and reducing swelling.

31 oil, cervical, back pain and other pains

In case of head and neck pain, a few drops of oil 31 can be massaged on the forehead and at the nape of the neck for relief.

Even in case of muscle and joint pain or if you suffer from back pain, it is possible to perform massages with oil 31 two or three times a day on the areas to be treated.

The analgesic effect of oil 31 can also be useful in case of menstrual pain by applying a few drops of oil 31 on the lower abdomen during the days of the cycle. 

31 oil, cough and sore throat

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, combined with the balsamic effect of many of the essential oils contained in the oil 31, make this product indispensable in case of cough, sore throat, cold and other seasonal ailments: in all these cases the oil 31 can be used in fumigations or aerosol or by pouring a few drops of product on the pillow or on a handkerchief.

To clear the airways and facilitate breathing, it may help to massage the oil 31 on the chest and back during the day or before bed.

Oil 31: pimples, dandruff, gingivitis and other skin, hair and mucous membrane problems

The antibacterial properties of oil 31 are also beneficial for the beauty and health of skin, hair and mucous membranes. By massaging a few drops of oil 31 on the face you can treat oily and impure skin, which has blackheads and pimples.

Oil 31 is also useful for relieving the skin after hair removal or shaving and preventing folliculitis, to soothe the itching caused by insect bites, to treat herpes and to speed up the healing of small abrasions or skin wounds.

This precious medicinal blend is also a panacea for the feet, for which it represents a useful remedy in case of swelling when used for massages or added to the foot bath and to treat athlete’s foot applied directly to the infection.

On the scalp, on the other hand, oil 31 helps fight dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Some people also use 31 oil for hair loss.

Added to water to rinse the mouth or gargle it then helps to fight gum inflammation, soothe toothache and pain caused by canker sores and to perfume the breath.

Finally, a few drops in the bidet water keeps inflammation and vagienal infections such as candida at bay.

 Oil 31 and children

Given the presence of numerous essential oils, it is recommended not to use oil 31 for children under the age of 12, except for fumigations and inhalations and in any case after hearing the doctor’s opinion. 

Oil 31 in pregnancy

As for children, oil 31 in pregnancy is not recommended. It can be used only for fumigations and inhalations, on the advice of a doctor.


The use of oil 31 is contraindicated in the presence of allergies or sensitivity to one or more essential oils present in the product, in pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children under 12 years. In case of pathologies it is advisable to ask your doctor for an opinion for the oral administration of oil 31.

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