Potassium Nitrate in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is potassium nitrate?

Potassium nitricum is used in homeopathy mainly in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The remedy is indicated for asthma and cough with shortness of breath and chest pain. Potassium nitricum has also proven itself in the treatment of diarrhea and cardiac insufficiency.

Leading symptoms

  • Warm-blooded guy
  • Big appetite for greasy food
  • Asthma with nausea and stinging, burning in chest
  • Sudden accumulation of water throughout the body
  • Loss of appetite with thirst
  • Palpitations associated with heart stitches

Information about the agent

How do you recognize patients who need potassium nitrate?

People who need nitric potassium are warm-blooded and weakened. They often suffer from chronic irritation of the urinary tract and general weakness.

Potassium nitricum adults are anxious about their health. The fear is particularly pronounced in situations in which the patients sweat. In the mornings, the patients are very scattered and have difficulty concentrating.

Potassium nitricum children are wary, fearful, and dissatisfied. They have low self-confidence and are easily discouraged when doing tasks.


Potassium nitricum is indicated for all typical symptoms that improve or worsen with the following modalities:


  • Sipping water


  • Damp cold
  • In the morning
  • afternoon

What are typical areas of application for potassium nitricum?

  • Diarrhea
  • asthma
  • Cough
  • Sniffles
  • heart trouble

Areas of application in detail


Severe shortness of breath, worse at 3 a.m. Patients have to sit up to get air.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Inflammation of the intestine with severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea. The diarrhea can be watery, mucous, or bloody. The patients have a strikingly high craving for fat.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Heart trouble

Heart failure with a tendency to collapse. Stitching pains in the region of the heart. Palpitations at night that can only be relieved by sitting up.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Cough/ bronchitis

Cough with chest pains when coughing. Worse at night and from cold or fresh air.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6


Runny nose in the open air and a cold in closed rooms. The nose is sore.

Dosage: 3 times a day 3 globules in the potency D6

Application information

Dosage forms of potassium nitricum

Potassium nitricum is used in homeopathy mainly in the form of globules.

Potassium nitrate dosage

Potassium nitricum is taken in potency 6X up to three times a day as required and in potency 12X up to twice a day.

Effect of Potassium Nitricum

Potassium nitricum acts on the respiratory tract, the intestines and the heart.

Potassium nitrate during pregnancy

Potassium nitricum may be indicated during pregnancy for morning sickness with vomiting of white mucus.

Potassium nitricum for the baby

Potassium nitricum is given to children with asthma or a cough. The children are short of breath and unable to drink properly. You can only ever manage tiny sips due to the lack of breath.

Potassium nitricum for dogs, horses and cats

Potassium nitricum is used in animals to treat asthma, bronchitis, cardiac insufficiency and diarrhea.

Side Effects of Potassium Nitricum

So far there is no evidence of side effects when taking Kali nitricum. At the beginning of the intake there may be a short-term aggravation of the symptoms.

Similar remedies to Potassium nitricum

Acidum nitricum

Potassium nitricum and Acidum nitricum show similarities in relation to respiratory diseases. Acidum nitricum is indicated when patients have a great craving for greasy food and are also very concerned about their own health.

Potassium carbonicum

Potassium carbonicum, like Potassium nitricum, is indicated for shortness of breath. With Kali carbonicum the expectoration is not so copious. Difficulty breathing can be relieved by bending forward.

Typical potencies:

Potassium nitricum is mainly used in the potencies 6X and 12X.


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