Sandalwood Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Sandalwood essential oil : properties, uses, natural remedies and all the information on Indonesian and Australian sandalwood essential oil.

Yes, because on the market we find two different types of sandalwood essential oil, the Indian one and the Australian one.

  • The essential oil of Indian sandalwood is extracted from the plant of the botanical species Santalum album.
  • The essential oil of Australian sandalwood is extracted from the plant of the botanical species Santalum spicata.

The two plants are “close relatives”, belong to the Santalaceae family and share a large number of properties and benefits. Whether extracted from the S. album or S. spicata species, sandalwood essential oil is very expensive.

Sandalwood essential oil

The essential oil of sandalwood is extracted from the wood and roots by steam distillation. It has a sweet, balsamic and woody scent. It can be used in the home for the creation of DIY perfumes or deodorants. Although sandalwood is a fragrance associated with masculinity, its sweet note also makes it suitable for a female audience.

What sandal is an essential oil very complex, in particular the properties have been studied essential oil sandalwood australiano.Sembrerebbe that the ‘ essential oil  extracted from the species Santalum spicata (or Sandalum spicatum) can count the greatest number of chemical components than any other essential oil. At least 125 different compounds have been recognized and most of these are biologically active (they exert effects on the organism).

Popularly, sandalwood essential oil is best known for its incredible scent but in the medical field it is known for its antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory action.

Similarly, Indian sandalwood essential oil, extracted from the Santalum album species, is popular for its scent and medicinal properties. The massive exploitation of sandalwood species Santalum album put endangered wild plantations. Sandalwood is widely cultivated, the only problem is that the harvest for the extraction and production of essential oil is only possible with 40-year-old plants!

Sandalwood essential oil for internal use

The quality of the essential sandalwood oil extracted from S. album  is proven by the ISO 3518: 2002 certification, through which it is possible to market sandalwood essential oil with proven chemical properties.

In the context of natural remedies, sandalwood oil is used to soothe ailments such as:

  • cold
  • bronchitis
  • skin disorders
  • inflammation of the oral cavity
  • general weakness
  • fever
  • urinary tract infections
  • inflammation of the pharynx
  • biliary disorders

A recent study has highlighted, in sandalwood oil, a high amount of antioxidants and anti-hyperglycemic*. The antimicrobial action would be attributed to the compound “shikimic acid”, also contained in the essential oil of star anise.

Benefits for the skin and anti-wrinkle

Both essential oils have a powerful aromatizing action and in aromatherapy they are used as natural aphrodisiacs,  stimulants and useful in relieving mood disorders. Given its properties, sandalwood essential oil is suitable for scenting domestic environments such as the bedroom.

In natural cosmetics it can be added to a do-it-yourself tonic to fight face impurities and eliminate acne (thanks to its antiseptic properties).

In aromatherapy it is recommended to reduce the load of stress, calm the agitation and remove fears.

Thanks to its tonic and regenerating properties, this essential oil can be used as a  natural anti-wrinkle. How to use? As an anti-wrinkle it can be used by diluting a few drops of this essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil, preferably almond oil (but olive oil is fine too).

Sandalwood essential oil: price

As stated above, sandalwood essential oil is very expensive. The high price of sandalwood essential oil is justified by the long ripening period of the plant, the difficulty of cultivation and the final processing stages.

Furthermore, there is a very high demand for sandalwood essential oil: there are many sectors that exploit its properties and this demand only increases its price. Finding this essential oil is not easy, only the most well-stocked herbalists are able to offer it to their customers. Those accustomed to buying and selling online can take advantage of the possibilities offered by the web.

If you want to use it as an anti-wrinkle, 2 ml can be diluted in 80 ml of sweet almond oil. Like any essential oil, sandalwood cannot be used pure on the skin.

*The study cited: Evaluation of in vivo anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant potentials of ╬▒-santalol and sandalwood oil “. Phytomedicine 20

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