Schuessler Salt No. 18 Calcium sulfuratum

Alternative practitioners use the Schuessler salt no. 18 calcium sulfuratum (calcium sulfide) mostly in combination with the 12 basic salts. According to the Schuessler teachings, calcium sulphide should help in states of exhaustion with weight loss and support the detoxification of mercury and lead, for example. Read here how to use Schuessler Salt No. 18 Calcium sulfuratum.

What is Schuessler Salt No. 18: Calcium sulfuratum?

According to the Schuessler idea, calcium sulfuratum should curb excessive combustion processes that are associated with weight loss and result in hyperacidity. It is also supposed to promote glucose storage, especially in the cells of the liver, spleen and muscles. Since calcium sulfuratum is said to promote the elimination of pollutants and heavy metals such as mercury and lead, naturopaths like to use it to support detoxification therapies.

Storage locations for Calcium sulfuratum

The alternative method according to Schuessler states that the reserves of calcium sulphide in the human body are in the liver and pancreas. These stores are said to be attacked when the load is excessive and result in typical deficiency symptoms.

Symptoms and diseases of calcium sulfuratum deficiency

symptoms of deficiency

Calcium sulfuratum is primarily used for detoxification. According to the Schuessler method, typical signs of a calcium sulfide deficiency are weight loss despite ravenous hunger and appetite, and an increased need to drink. Hyperacidity due to excessive combustion processes can also be associated with a calcium sulfuratum deficit. The following additional complaints are tried to be compensated with the Schuessler Salt No. 18:

  • delayed bronchitis, bronchial asthma
  • nonspecific diarrhea
  • Melancholy, emotional hypersensitivity
  • chronic skin diseases, weeping, purulent, poorly healing skin, hives, excessive sweating, abscesses
  • Tendency to cataracts
  • circulatory disorders, anemia
  • Immune deficiency, susceptibility to infections
  • emaciation
  • Nerve pain (neuralgia), irritability of the cranial nerves

The typical symptoms are more pronounced in cold air and when touched. Local heat often leads to an improvement in symptoms.

Persistent complaints and serious illnesses must not be treated on your own and not exclusively with Calcium sulfuratum. A medical examination and conventional medical treatment are absolutely necessary here!

Application of Calcium Sulfuratum

Schuessler Salt No. 18 is usually only used externally. Both the rule potency D6 and D12 are used. By sucking the tablets, the salt should already be absorbed in the mouth via the mucous membrane. Like all supplements, calcium sulfuratum must not be taken dissolved in hot water (comparable to the “Hot Seven”, Magnesium phosphoricum, Schuessler Salt No. 7).

Internal use of Calcium sulfuratum

Depending on the extent of the symptoms, between one and three tablets of calcium sulfuratum in a potentiation of 6X or 12X are required. The standard potency 6X is recommended for purulent wounds, while 12X is recommended for chronic skin diseases. In general, the dose should not be too high.

The calcium sulfide tablets are taken individually, at intervals of a few minutes. The effect can apparently be optimized if it is taken according to the Chinese organ clock, with Calcium sulfuratum this would be between one and three o’clock. Naturopaths recommend long-term intake of calcium sulfuratum.

External use of Calcium sulfuratum

There are no recommendations for external use of Calcium sulfuratum.

Typical causes of a lack of calcium sulfuratum

According to Schüßler’s healing method, there is a connection between compulsive character structures and a mineral salt deficiency. The theory states that people with certain obsessive-compulsive traits put excessive strain on their mineral salt stores, which should lead to typical deficiency symptoms in the long term. Taking a specific salt can help these people work on their stressful character structures. A salt should therefore help to dissolve inner blockages and restore a stable balance.

According to the theory, people who strain their calcium sulfuratum stores are often chronically dissatisfied with themselves. Related to this, it seems typical for these characters to push away or suppress problems, which also increases calcium sulfide consumption. Desperation and wear and tear can be typical feelings that people with these traits complain about. Due to the high mental stress, those affected often suffer from infections. By taking Calcium sulfuratum, it should be easier to work on these problems and bring about a change.

Signs of deficiency on the face

If there is too little of a mineral salt, experienced naturopaths try to recognize this from certain signs on the face. The following features should be typical of a calcium sulfide deficit:

  • Bulging at the inner, upper corner of the eye
  • yellowish, impure and unhealthy complexion

Other important information about Calcium sulfuratum

Amalgam fillings or harmful environmental influences are said to increase a lack of calcium sulphuratum.

According to the experience of naturopaths, problems with the breakdown of pollutants can occur as an initial reaction after starting to take calcium sulphide. As a result, the administration of further mineral salts should be necessary.

Good combinations of calcium sulfuratum are possible with the basic remedies calcium phosphoricum, ferrum phosphoricum, sodium phosphoricum and potassium iodatum.


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