Schuessler Salt No. 26 Selenium

Schuessler Salt No. 26 Selenium is actually not a salt, but the chemical element selenium. This is an essential trace element that must be ingested through food. Naturopaths prescribe selenium to protect the liver, in eye diseases or visual disorders, to strengthen the immune system or in states of exhaustion. Find out more about Schuessler Salt No. 26 and its application here (usually as Selenium D12).

Worth knowing about Schuessler Salt No. 26: Selenium

The chemical element selenium is one of the essential trace elements in the human organism – it has to be ingested through food. Selenium is a component of numerous selenoproteins with different tasks. The selenoprotein glutathione peroxidase, for example, assumes an important function as a radical scavenger and thus prevents oxidative stress (cell damage caused by aggressive oxygen compounds). The enzyme deiodase also contains selenium. It helps convert the thyroid hormone thyroxine to triiodothyronine.

The alternative healing method of Schuessler salts takes up these important functions of selenium and uses it as Schuessler salt no. 26 for a wide variety of complaints or to support important bodily functions.

Selenium is often used to protect cells. To maintain the detoxifying function of the liver, therapists often use the combination of selenium and Schuessler salt no. 10, sodium sulfuricum. In addition, selenium is a component of the so-called antioxidant mixture: together with the Schuessler salts no. 3, 6, 10, 17, 19 and 21, selenium is said to weaken the effect of free radicals (aggressive oxygen compounds) and thus reduce the oxidative stress they cause on the cells.

According to Schuessler’s healing theory, selenium should also stimulate thyroid activity, strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer, which is said to be based on a selenium deficiency. However, science cannot currently confirm that a lack of selenium promotes the development of cancer.

Locations for Selenium

According to the Schuessler concept, selenium can be found particularly in the liver, in all endocrine organs, the gonads (sex or gonads), in the brain and in the blood platelets (thrombocytes).

Characteristic causes of a lack of selenium

According to the Schuessler concept, compulsive character structures should exhaust the supplies of selenium. Thus, discontent, self-doubt and the permanent feeling of doing everything wrong are said to be responsible for increased consumption of Schuessler Salt No. 26. In order to escape from these constraints, naturopaths advise believing in the ability to survive and to cope with a crisis. Selenium is said to help with this.

Signs of deficiency on the face

With the help of the so-called facial analysis, experienced therapists look for signs of deficits in Schuessler salts in their patients’ faces. If there is a selenium deficiency, dimples in the inner corner of the eye are obvious signs.

Symptoms and diseases of selenium deficiency

According to Schuessler’s healing theory, selenium is used to prevent or treat a wide range of symptoms and diseases:

  • Liver protection by promoting detoxification performance
  • stimulating thyroid function
  • Protection of the pancreas
  • diabetes mellitus
  • herpes susceptibility
  • Building a healthy immune system
  • arteriosclerosis
  • Eye diseases, visual disturbances
  • preventive in case of thrombosis tendency or flight thrombosis
  • Exhaustion, decrease in physical and mental performance
  • in alcohol withdrawal
  • for nicotine withdrawal

Persistent symptoms and serious illnesses (such as visual disturbances or diabetes) should definitely be clarified by conventional medicine. Treatment with Schuessler salts alone is not recommended.

People with diabetes mellitus must observe the bread units (BE) when taking Schuessler salts 26 tablets: 48 mineral tablets correspond to the lactose content of one BE.

Application of Selenium

Selenium is suitable for internal use. Naturopaths usually recommend the twelfth potentiation of selenium, Selenium D12.

Internal use of Calcium carbonicum

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the alternative practitioner will determine the number of tablets to be taken daily.

Selenium D12 is often administered to protect or detoxify the liver in combination with No. 10 Natrum sulfuricum.

Selenium is also used as a component of the antioxidant mixture in biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler recommended. This mixture is said to stop the development of cancer. However, it is currently assumed that a selenium deficiency has no effect on the development of cancer.

In order to stimulate the thyroid function, the additional administration of Schuessler salts No. 14, 15, 16 or 21 is recommended.

External use of Selenium

There are no recommendations for external use of selenium.

Other important information about Selenium

If there are problems with the elimination of toxins during the homeopathic use of selenium, additional minerals may be useful in addition to the administration of selenium. An experienced homeopath should select these depending on the individual situation of the person concerned. 


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