Schuessler salts for High Blood Pressure

Lower high blood pressure with the help of Schuessler salts? Many rely on it – however, this should only be done alongside conventional medical therapy. Inadequate treatment of hypertension can have serious consequences. However, various Schuessler salts could be used to support high blood pressure, for example No. 1 and No. 7.

Schuessler salts: support high blood pressure therapy

Doctors speak of high blood pressure (hypertension) when the upper (systolic) and lower (diastolic) readings are above certain thresholds. On the one hand, this can have acute consequences (such as dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, nosebleeds), and on the other hand it can also lead to secondary diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

The severity of high blood pressure, other individual risk factors and necessary treatment measures should therefore always be clarified by a doctor. The therapy usually includes several components such as reducing excess weight, regular exercise and, if necessary, antihypertensive medication.

In addition, alternative methods such as Schuessler salts should help reduce high blood pressure.

Which Schuessler salts should reduce high blood pressure

According to the alternative method, various Schuessler salts are recommended for high blood pressure. For example, No. 1 (calcium fluoratum D12) is said to help against arteriosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of blood vessels) – an important cause of high blood pressure. Schuessler salts No. 3 ( Ferrum phosphoricum D12), No. 15 (Potassium iodatum D6) and No. 7 (Magnesium phosphoricum D6) are also said to have a blood pressure-lowering effect. The number 7 is said to have a relaxing effect, especially in nervous conditions. Finally, Schuessler Salt No. 23 (Natrium bicarbonicum D6) is considered to improve blood flow. In addition, other Schuessler salts are said to be able to reduce high blood pressure.

Combined Schuessler salts for high blood pressure

A combination of several Schuessler salts is usually used. High blood pressure patients recommend naturopaths who work with Schuessler salts, for example the following cure:

  • Six tablets each of Schuessler Salts No. 1, No. 15 and No. 23 are sucked throughout the day. This cure should be carried out for three months.

In general, a naturopath who is familiar with the Schuessler method knows which Schuessler salts in which dosage and combination are most suitable in individual cases.

Schuessler salts: high blood pressure therapy combined with homeopathy

The two alternative methods Schuessler salts and homeopathy are sometimes used together to lower elevated blood pressure values. For example, the Schuessler Salt No. 7 can be taken as the main remedy in the form of the “hot 7”. It is intended to relax the muscle layer in the vessel walls so that the vessels dilate and blood pressure drops. For an even better effect, you should also rub the feet with ointment no. 7 in the evening.

The “hot 7” is combined with a suitable homeopathic such as Nux vomica D12 (if stress is the trigger for high blood pressure) or Kali carbonicum D12 (if you have a tendency towards perfectionism).

No. 8 (sodium chloratum) should also be given as a stabilizing Schuessler salt (as “hot 8”) if too much liquid in the vessels causes the high pressure. Affected patients often have other symptoms such as water accumulation in the tissue (edema) or dry skin.

The dosage of homeopathic medicines and Schuessler salts that should help high blood pressure patients best should be discussed with an experienced therapist.


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