Self Confidence, Australian flowers for self-esteem

Self Confidence is the compound of Australian Bush Flower Essences that promotes self-esteem and confidence in oneself and in others, in one’s abilities at every level, rebalancing shyness and fears of confrontation.

A balanced self-esteem favors responsibility towards situations and events, making us more aware of our abilities and the power to act at best to create and change one’s life and reality.

The composition of Self Confidence

The Self Confidence compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Boab is the main flower of the composition. He helps to free oneself from family, social and educational patterns (models and conditioning), to free oneself. He fosters awareness of the mechanism of a pattern or pattern of behavior, allowing one to ‘break’ and cut with that behavior.  
  • Dog Rose improves self-confidence and self-confidence in case of fear of judgment and comparison with others, or of a sense of inadequacy.
  • Five Corners is the flower of self-esteem that helps you to appreciate and accept yourself and your worth, just as you are.  
  • Southern Cross encourages you to exploit your potential and become aware of your responsibility to create your own reality. It favors a positive vision of life, without victimhood, but helping to get involved and act differently to change things. 
  • Sturt Desert Rose for the rebalancing of the sense of guilt, of the sense of inadequacy, which affects self-esteem. It thus allows you to follow your deepest beliefs. 

Recommendations for use  

  • Drops: 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep.
  • Oral spray: 2 sprays on the tongue

Suitable for all ages, in difficult moments in life, in phases of psychophysical change, for new mothers (and new dads) or working mothers, in situations of change and choice (work, school, home, moving). Also useful in situations of bullying or oppression (mobbing).

Australian Flower Essence

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