Sexuality, the Australian flowers for sensuality

Sexuality is the compound of Australian Bush Flower Essences dedicated to renewing the passion, sensuality, self-acceptance, pleasure and joy linked to touch and intimacy.

It favors the rebalancing of shyness, shame and the negative emotional consequences of physical or verbal abuse. It is indicated for all physical, psychological and emotional difficulties towards the sexual sphere, often experienced badly for various reasons or for personal experiences.  

It can help you to fully accept yourself and feel comfortable with your body and physical contact, allowing you to fully experience physical and emotional intimacy, and renewing your passion.

The composition of Sexuality

The Sexuality compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Billy Goat Plum promotes complete acceptance and awareness of one’s body, physicality, the discovery or rediscovery of physical and sexual pleasure. Especially in the case of negative feelings and perceptions due to trauma and abuse.
  • Bush Gardenia helps to renew the passion and interest in each other and others, improving interpersonal communication, as a couple, in relationships in general, and even in sexuality. It favors the recovery of mutual attention.
  • Flannel Flower is useful for improving acceptance and experiencing physical contact, thus promoting the pleasure of physical sensations, but also of kindness, kind words, pampering. It also helps the freedom to express oneself to others, with gestures and words. 
  • Fringet Violet is indicated for the breakdown of the energy field due to abuse or relationships not in tune with us; removes the negative consequences of worries for the present and the past, protects and promotes the reworking of traumatic memories. 
  • Little Flannel Flower helps to recover and rediscover complicity, spontaneity and the desire to play, joke, have fun.
  • Sturt Desert Rose in this compound is indicated for feelings of guilt and shame related to convictions, beliefs or lack of self-esteem in the field of sexuality and relationship.
  • Wisteria is specific for the abuse suffered by women (Flannel Flower for men), it gives confidence in oneself and in the partner. 

Recommendations for use  

  • Drops: 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep.
  • Formulation in drops and body spray from the Love System line.

Lightly spray on the face (protecting the eyes) and body, or apply a small amount on the palm of the hand to gently massage the skin. Or, again, vaporize in the environment to create an intimate and sensual atmosphere.

For a rebalancing of the couple, it is recommended to take it for both partners. For relationship and sexuality problems, it may also be useful to alternate the Relationship or Self-esteem compounds (Self Confidence), according to the needs of the case, or the choice of the most suitable floral remedies. 

It is indicated for temporary difficulties in the field of sexuality and pleasure in periods of natural change such as the stages of menopause and andropause, in pregnancy, in periods of great stress (assisted by the Stress Stop compound in the latter case). 

Australian Flower Essence

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