Slender Rice Flower: properties, benefits and uses (Australian Flower Essence and Remedy)

Slender Rice Flower is an Australian flower remedy made from Pimelea linifolia. Useful for developing humility and understanding, it helps to overcome racism, prejudice, dullness. Let’s find out better.

Description of the plant

Pimelea linifolia – The Pimelea genus includes over 80 species, present throughout the Australian territory. Lympholia blooms all year round and can reach one meter in height; the flower has a diameter of 25 cm and is formed by a set of tubular white flowers, each with 4 petals, with the center dotted with orange, and narrow leaves arranged in a spiral along the stem. The simple structure of the plant where the single flowers together form a spherical flower head symbolizes the unity of human life, cooperation for unity: the separated flowers are gathered in a single round flower, a symbol of unity.

Property of Slender Rice Flower

  • It favors group harmony and cooperation, helping to overcome racism, prejudices, dullness, confrontations, allowing you to see all sides of the coin in every situation. 
  • It helps to learn to accept others, in a global, universal and respectful understanding, in every type of relationship, allowing to see the different facets of an issue or a situation.
  • Guide people in the perception of the connection between all human beings to enable greater cooperation between people for the common good.
  • It helps to develop humility and understanding by bringing harmony, understanding, collaboration and cooperation between people.
  • It improves tolerance, flexibility, active listening, collaboration for a common good
  • It is contained in the Emergency Compound  
  • In the LOVE SYSTEM line it is available in Emergency body and environment spray, Emergency cream, and Intensive hand cream for hands and wonderful nails

Preparation and use

In a 30 ml bottle, combine ¾ of natural water and ¼ of brandy to preserve the product; add 7 drops for each chosen flower. 7 drops of this personal blend are taken under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before bed. The drops can also be applied locally as well, combined with neutral cream as a carrier, in the bath water or vaporized in the environment to create a harmonious place. They can also be prepared without brandy, making sure that they do not degrade (if necessary, the preparation is repeated). They can be diluted in a little water or herbal tea, even for children.

Useful when attending seminars and conferences, or potentially stressful workplaces, to enhance productive collaboration and cooperation. 

Association with Mountain Devil and other essences for resentment and hatred may be indicated. 

Indicated in case of surgical cuts and incisions, reducing the dispersion of energy on the meridian crossed by the wound. In case of scars, the oral and topical use of the essence is recommended, allowing the energy to start flowing again at that point, also rebalancing the emotions of the event that originated the scar. DO NOT pour directly on open wounds as it can burn. Dilute in water for compresses or apply to the bandage. 

Australian Flower Essence

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