Solaris, the Australian flowers for the heat

Solaris is the Australian Bush Flower Essences compound dedicated to all kinds of problems related to heat, heat and fire.

When to use Solaris

It is useful for finding relief after a burn from a fire or from prolonged exposure to the sun and other sources of heat.

It relieves pain and burning in all cases of sunburn, fever, and skin manifestations (exanthematous diseases of children, for example). Also helpful for those who can’t stand the heat (in summer for example) and all kinds of heat (even the heat of menopause).

It reduces the amount of radiation absorbed by the sun and by exposure to tanning lamps, X-rays and radiotherapy, and for those who work in contact with heat (ovens, asphalt).

Useful for melting memories and trauma from fire, experienced or witnessed (fires, for example). 

The composition of Solaris 

The Solaris compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Mulla Mulla, which removes the physical and psychological memories of burns of any kind or related to the fear of fire. Helps prevent negative effects from excessive sun exposure (to other sources), and eliminate the negative effects of radiation stored in the body. Before a long flight it protects against electrostatic waves. The single essence, as well as the Solaris compound, is used orally for all problems of heat and heat, with skin manifestations and rashes and also in case of fever, combined with Emergency to reassure.
  • She Oak is moisturizing and restores elasticity to the skin following sunburn, sweating, the effects of radiotherapy and dryness in general. 
  • Spinifex is indicated for all skin manifestations with blisters and boils, such as erythema and herpes, also due to sunburn or excessive sun exposure or heat sources.

Solaris usage tips

Drops: 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep.

7 drops can be added after the event (sunburn). For example, put the drops in a little cold water and soak the scalded part (minor domestic burns) or take it orally until improvement. DO NOT use directly on living skin and large burns as it burns. I can repeat the 7 drops in case of pain or burning (possibly adding the use of Emergency). When the wound is well healed, Solaris can be used in a cream to promote healing. 

For the summer heat: the standard dosage morning and evening, and / or you can add 10 drops to the bottle of water (50 ml) to drink during the day or with which to pat the skin of the arms and face when the heat is unbearable.

Sunscreens: to be added to a good sunscreen, as natural as possible, to prevent sunburn, always remembering the correct habits for sun exposure and prevention before leaving for the holidays.

In case of sensitive skin and easy to sunburn, it is recommended to start using Solaris at least 15 days before departure. 

Also useful for artificial tanning: it protects the skin from sunburn, moisturizes, and protects from the radiations of unnatural rays.

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