Stibium Sulfuratum Nigrum in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is Stibium sulfuratum nigrum?

The remedy has only been known in homeopathy since 2003 under the name “Stibium sulfuratum nigrum”.

Before it went under the name Antimonium crudum. In many books on homeopathy the remedy is still called Antimonium crudum, although it is available in pharmacies under the name Stibium sulfuratum nigrum. 

What are typical uses for Stibium sulfuratum nigrum?

  • indigestion
  • chickenpox
  • warts
  • corns
  • arthritis
  • colds

The parent substance of Stibium sulfuratum nigrum

The homeopathic remedy Stibium sulfuratum nigrum is made from antimony (III) sulfide, a compound of the semi-metal antimony and sulfur.

Effect of Stibium sulfuratum nigrum

The homeopathic remedy Stibium sulfuratum nigrum acts on the skin, the respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract.

Stibium sulfuratum nigrum in children

Stibium sulfuratum nigrum pairs well with children who are overweight to obese. Red and inflamed eyelids are noticeable on a pale face. Cheeks and corners of the mouth are often red and cracked. There are wet rashes behind the ears. Fingernails and toenails chip easily, the skin is rough and scaly.

Stibium sulfuratum nigrum goes well with irritable and fussy children who cannot bear to be looked at or touched.

The homeopathic remedy is particularly helpful for stomach upsets caused by sweets, growth retardation in small children, night terrors, scaly skin rashes and warts on the fingers.

Dosage of Stibium sulfuratum nigrum

The homeopathic Stibium sulfuratum nigrum is often used in potencies 6X and 12X. A dose always consists of three globules that are placed under the tongue or in the cheek pouch. After each dose you have to wait. If there is an improvement, no further intake is necessary. As soon as the improvement subsides, the drug can be taken again. Stibium sulfuratum nigrum can be taken up to five times a day in the 6X potency and up to twice a day in the 12X potency. In the further course of the disease, the intervals between administrations become larger and larger with increasing improvement.

At the beginning of treatment with Stibium sulfuratum nigrum, a homeopathic initial reaction (initial aggravation) can occur, in which existing symptoms disappear for a short time. The intake is then paused and awaited until the aggravation subsides.

Side effects of Stibium sulfuratum nigrum

So far, no side effects of treatment with Stibium sulfuratum nigrum are known. If the remedy is taken too often over a long period of time or despite improvement, this can lead to an unwanted drug proving. When this happens, symptoms persist or get worse. The intake of the homeopathic remedy is then stopped and awaited until an improvement occurs.

Typical potencies: D6, D12 and C30


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