Sulfur in homeopathy (all you need to know)

Sulfur is a homeopathic remedy obtained from sulfur crystals, useful against inflammations, skin problems and cardio-vascular disorders. Let’s find out better. 

Description of Sulfur

Sulfur is chemically a non-metal or non-metal, in the solid state it is yellow in color; it is insoluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol; it is soluble in ether, in petrol and in oils; in nature it is present in sulphates near volcanoes or combined with metals; it is an important constituent of living organisms.

The homeopathic preparation of Sulfur in liquid dilutions is obtained starting from the second trituration with alcohol at 95 ┬░; the solution is heated, brought to the boil and subsequently filtered.

When using Sulfur

In general, the homeopathic remedy Sulfur is used for the treatment of inflammations and disorders of the lymphatic system. The main cases are:

  • skin disorders, various types of eruptions, very marked itching
  • irritation, inflammation of the mucous membranes, burning phlegm
  • inflammation of the sera and synovial fluid with the production of effusions
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system, venous stasis, alterations of the vascular walls, varices, atherosclerotic processes
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes
  • liver disorders, impaired assimilation and detoxification processes

Dosage and administration

In all cases it is recommended to dilute 7CH, 3 granules or 5 drops from one to three times a day.

Who is Sulfur recommended to

The Sulfur type can be a muscular and sometimes fat child, rather resistant, a lover of physical activity and in some cases very sporty and athletic. Or he is too thin, stunted.

The two opposites can also be distinguished in the adult. He is cheerful, optimistic and rather witty, he knows how to take life with philosophy, he manages to keep a good mood and see a way out even in difficult situations. The skin is dry and sensitive, reddens easily and is subject to various types of eruptions. The hair is bristly, dull and often unkempt.

Sweat and secretions smell bad. From the mental point of view the most characteristic aspects are: egotism, selfishness, apathy, laziness, indolence and neglect .. He is often hot, has a feeling of emptiness in his stomach at 11 in the morning.


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