Sundew: properties, benefits and uses (Australian Flower Essence and Remedy)

Sundew is an Australian flower remedy made from Drosera spathulataPromotes recovery in case of fainting and drowsiness and is useful for unfocused students. Let’s find out better.

Description of the plant

Drosera spathulata – Insectivorous plant that grows in swampy areas and on the banks of streams, in the southwestern area of ​​Western Australia, from northern Queensland to Tasmania. It is widespread in South America, Asia, some Pacific islands and in New Zealand.

Commonly known as ‘Spoonleaf Sundew’ (sundew with spoon leaves): at the base of the plant there is in fact the rosette formed by flat, bright red, spoon-shaped leaves, covered with filaments that exude a sticky substance, similar to dew, which attracts insects. By touching a single filament, everyone is stimulated to close on the victim, who is trapped and digested. After a few days the tentacles reopen waiting for the next victim.

From the leaves rises the long stem that supports the white or pink flowers, which bloom in spring. The plant manages to survive the dryness of the soil in the summer season. The Signatura shows us how the flowers rise above a solid base (the rosettes, on the ground, present all year round, which keep the light flowers rooted), swinging in the breeze: the remedy brings out the rooting, the practical sense, the its ‘anchoring’ effect.

Sundew property

  • It favors concreteness, rooted in reality, attention to detail, focus, decision-making capacity, realism.
  • It facilitates the ability to immerse oneself in the present and in the surrounding world, also improving the relational capacity.
  • Useful for students (and not only) distracted and unfocused, who struggle to start studying or working, improving concentration and focus.
  • Facilitates recovery after anesthesia, in case of fainting and drowsiness.
  • It helps to channel information and ideas, and to put them into practice. It thus favors openness to inspiration and the ability to follow it and make it concrete.
  • Sundew is contained in the Concentration, Emergency and Travel Compounds.  
  • In the LOVE SYSTEM line it is available in Emergency spray for body and environment, Travel spray for body and environment, Emergency cream, Travel cream, Intensive hand cream for hands and wonderful nails.

Preparation and use

In a 30 ml bottle, combine ¾ of natural water and ¼ of brandy to preserve the product; add 7 drops for each chosen flower. 7 drops of this personal blend are taken under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before bed. The drops can also be applied locally as well, combined with neutral cream as a carrier, in the bath water or vaporized in the environment to create a harmonious place.

They can also be prepared without brandy, making sure that they do not degrade (if necessary, the preparation is repeated). They can be diluted in a little water or herbal tea, even for children.

For the ‘dreamy’ effect, Sundew with Bush Fuchsia, Isopogon and Bush Iris improves the quality and frequency of dreams, including remembering them upon awakening.

The difference with Sunshine Wattle is that Sundew dreams and thinks back to the past as happy times or daydreams, while Sunshine Wattle does not remember the past as a happy time.

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